5 Africa Luxury Travel Destinations 2015

If you want an authentic local experience in Africa, head to West Africa where grand hotels, palatial resorts and popular neighborhoods co-exist side by side.

But if you are looking for an exclusive experience, almost romantic, of game reserves and stylish amenities, target the south and east Africa.

Below are 5 Africa luxury travel destinations everyone should visit for a dream vacation set out of time.

1. Rabat – Morocco

The capital of Morocco has always been thriving in the shadows of touristy Casablanca, Marrakech, or Fes as a historic city with plenty of century-old attractions, from Roman ruins to medieval quarters and medinas. UNESCO even listed it as a World Heritage site in 2012.

But Rabat is also a lavish oceanside metropolis with modern infrastructures, including the new Mohammed VI museum, an upcoming brand new Ritz-Carlton resort, and a myriad of beautiful European-style and world-class boutiques and venues.

2. Tanzania

Tanzania is often cited as a top African luxury travel destination, thanks to world-class beach, safari, and mountain attractions and accommodations located amidst incredible natural wonders.

From the amazing balloon-ride safaris in the protected Serengeti National Park to the sumptuous tented camps in the Selous (Africa’s largest wildlife reserve), Tanzania will please thrill-seeking nature lovers who don’t want to give up on comfort.

For an even more exclusive experience, climb the Kilimanjaro — Africa’s highest peak to catch the first rays of sunshine or admire the sunset on the pristine beaches of Zanzibar.

3. Zimbabwe

The dreaded Zimbabwe is again becoming popular among travelers looking for the ultimate luxury travel in Africa. With the newfound political stability comes low prices even on even the most upscale items and services.

Explore the infinity of natural riches, including the spectacular Victoria Falls, the bounty of the Hwange National Park, or the granite landform Matobo Hills. Discover splendid man-made marvels like the colonial Harare as well as tented lodges and over-the-top resorts.

4. Durban – South Africa

Cape Town is often cited as a top African destination for those who want an authentic experience. For those who want a deluxe beachfront resort experience, there is Durban.

The Durbs have a little California feel, you know, with a beachfront promenade, fantastic dining spots aligned on the shoreline, and a beautiful weather that will make you want to get out there and enjoy yourself.

5. Kenya

Recent unrest and instability in the country is affecting tourism but it would be wrong to cite East Africa luxury travel destinations and overlook Kenya, the wow-factor of its large game reserve and the opulence of its hotel resorts and modern amenities.

The Masai Mara — a superb reserve with a savannah where coexist majestic wildlife and ancient tribes – offers a unique luxury safari experience only rivaled by that of the Samburu Game Reserve.

What do you think of these Africa luxury travel destinations? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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