Top Pick: Best Disney World Rides For Adults

Who said Walt Disney amusement parks are only for kids? Well, they are — but anyone who stays young at heart will find reasons to enjoy a visit.

Disney Worlds are so popular that they have not only proliferated over the last 50 years (with locations in Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong) but they have also grown into world-class vacation destinations with hotel resorts and shopping centers.

These wonderlands offer a little bit of magic for all. While the youngest ones cherish their encounters with their favorite Disney characters, teens and adrenaline junkies fall for the thrill rides.

On your next Disney vacation, here are seven amazing thrill rides adults appreciate almost as much — if not more — than kids. Buckle up!

7. Test Track by Chevrolet

Create your own car concept and take it on a virtual test drive on one of the fastest rides in Disney World. This is not the most exciting attractions for kids, but it will surely resonate with older, tech-savvy, car aficionados.

6. Expedition Everest

The jewel thrill ride of the Animal Kingdom has to be the Expedition Everest. While climbing Mount Everest has been a daunting task for adventurers for centuries, its descent backwards is a unique experience only Disney World can deliver.

5. Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

Until the Force finally awakens, here is your only chance to see what Star Wars + Walt Disney looks like. Well, it is a lot of fun and the ultimate ride for fans of the franchise.

Unlike the other thrill rides on this list, this one is a fast-paced 3D simulated, space excursion, set in a galaxy far far away. A must-do!

4. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Don’t ride this if you are afraid of the dark and of high speed. You can only anticipate the worst while this creepy ride randomly takes you up and down at incredible velocity.

It is definitely a recommended ride for grown-ups visiting Disney World. But even the greatest thrill-seeker will be holding onto their belt just to double-check it is properly fasten.

3. Space Mountain

This is one of the most popular Disney World attractions there are. That is mostly because the ride down Space Mountain is in a pitch-black environment. To make things even more terrifying and disconcerting, only your legs are locked and your arms have nothing to hold onto.

2. Rock’n’Roller Coaster

Located in the Hollywood Studios, the Rock’n’Roller is a treat for all Aerosmith fans. The fun starts in the waiting line with the music and videos featuring the band.

The ride itself is intense from end to end, combining speed, gravity drops, glow-in-dark effects, and that eerie Steven Taylor scream.

1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Haunted trains aren’t for kids, are they? Any adult will enjoy the twists and turns of this train possessed by ghosts of gold miners as it snakes in and out of the mountain.

There is many things to see and do in Disney World, including attractions perfectly suited for adults. Did we miss your favorite Disney attractions? Tell us all about it in the comments.