MLB’s Top 5 Ballpark Hot Dog Creations

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With opening day last Sunday, baseball has officially entered our midst once again. For those of you avid game attendees, you spend a lot of time in the ballparks and eating their food.

If you’re going to be eating overpriced concession food you might as well eat the best of it right? Here are five of the most outrageous ballpark hot dog creations around. So if you find yourself in the presence of any of these parks, here are 5 mouthwatering delicacies you have to try.

5. “Boomstick”

Texas Rangers

At 24 inches and about $1.09 an inch, this dog is massive and offered two ways. The original chili, cheese, onions, and jalapenos or the player based Boomstick they come up with that season—like the “Totally ROSSome.” If you feel brave enough, get it. May the odds be forever in your favor.

 4. “Churro Dog”

Arizona Diamondbacks

Although this isn’t an actual hot dog at all, this 1,117 calorie sugar coma is sure to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth. It’s a churro inside a longjohn covered in frozen yogurt and chocolate and caramel sauce. Eat too many of these and you’ll be spending a lot of time with Liberty Medical.

3. “Brat Dog”

Minnesota Twins

You get the best of both worlds with this Target field creation. A hot dog STUFFED into a brat with bacon and sauerkraut. Not to mention you get it on a pretzel bun.

2. “Meat Lover’s Dog”

Cincinnati Reds

You have to seriously be into meat for this one. Sausage wrapped in bacon, deep fried, and then covered in chilli, cheese, and crispy salami. You’ll be so meat drunk after this hot dog that you won’t even need that second beer.

 1. “Pulled Pork Mac ‘n’ Jack Sausage”

Kansas City Royals

This ballpark hot dog takes the cheese with it’s pulled pork, macaroni and cheese, and bacon toppings not to mention it’s on a pepper jack sausage. It’s like channeling your inner child, the adult way.

Have a favorite? Whether it’s on the list or another crazy dog, let us know in the comments!

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