Keeping Your Trip In Tune And Unplugged

There’s nothing more terrifying than missing out on a trip. There are 1,005 things that can cause this to happen. Missed and cancelled flights, shady housesitters, you name it. But even when you get there, are you really there? Or are you constantly checking what’s going on in Twitterland or Facebookville? Or constantly trying to set up the coolest photos?

For technologically obsessed people, putting down the phone for more than 15 minutes can be scary. However, do you really want to go home and realize the only thing you learned was that Kim and Kanye were at a baseball game? Here are five things to do to make sure you don’t end up missing your next getaway.

1. “Put Down Your Phone”

Minus the fact that they could possibly be slowly killing us, our smartphones are amazing. Trust me when I say, you will not die going a day without it.  Leaving it at the hotel even for a few hours can seriously increase your trip value. So put it away, I promise Kanye will be there when you get back. 

2. “Leave your digital camera at home”

Sure, you want pictures for the memory but you don’t need 16gb worth of them. You won’t use half of them, be honest with yourself. Try investing in a film camera. If you want to channel your inner hipster, get your hands on a polaroid. Then you won’t be so busy looking at it all through a lense and planning so many photoshoots. If you really want to put them online later, buy a very space limited sd card. Less is more people, less is more. 

3. “Disable your apps and profiles”

If you’re really serious about unplugging, disabling your profiles and/or deleting the apps off of your phone is totally a thing to do. As scary as it sounds, they won’t be gone forever. All you’re doing is giving yourself a chance to truly disconnect yourself and focus on enjoying where you are.

4. “Don’t bring portable chargers”

Want to really force yourself to go off the grid? Let your battery run out. If your phone’s dead, it can’t distract you. Plain and simple.

5. “Prioritize your trip”

Treat every trip like it’s your last. Like you will never be able to leave your home city again. Take in every sight, sound, smell, even the way the weather feels. It’s your getaway don’t let anything control it but you.

How do you unplug from technology and everyday life to make your vacation a real one? Leave us your ideas in the comments!