Coolest Beaches For Your Summer Vacation

If, like many of us, you are unfortunate enough to live no where near a beach getting the chance to go can be as exciting as getting a new puppy. Maybe even more since the beach won’t pee on your carpets and ruin your favorite shoes. With summer right around the corner the trip planning has probably begun. But which beaches do you choose?  Basically, anywhere you go has a bunch of options. Luckily you can somewhat narrow it down by deciding which state you’re going to be in. Even then, however, you’ve still got quite a few options. Here are some of the best ranked beaches around the U.S.

7. Myrtle Beach – South Carolina

If you’d like to make your way along the east coast Myrtle Beach is SC’s most popular vacation spot. It’s the largest resort along the 60 mile strand that includes amusement parks, dining, and just about everything in between. I fishing is your hook you could also join the Grand Stand Fishing Rodeo. Fishing and a possibility of $20,000 dollars? I’d do it.

6. Panama City Beach – Florida

This extremely popular spring break destination beach is filled with all kinds of clubs on the beach and other activities off of it. Though it gets crazy during spring break season it tends to get a lot calmer during the summer. There isn’t as much “Turn Down For What” repeating every half hour. The beach itself is beautiful and the clubs, like Spinnakers, can be a fun evening of dancing, meeting new people, and drinks.

5. Cape Hatteras National Seashore – North Carolina

Not only is this a perfect beach for body surfing and swimming but you can climb to the top of the tallest lighthouse in the Nation. That’s probably not a bad view. Who knows, if you’re lucky you could reenact the proposal scene from How I Met Your Mother if you’re feeling it.

4. Nantucket – Massachusetts

Previously a whaling community, this town has beaches for everyone-there’s even Children’s Beach. The calm waters are perfect for just relaxing or going for a swim.

3. Pensacola Beach – Florida

The white sand and blue water make Pensacola beach look like it came straight out of a magazine vacation. It’s got killer sunsets, freshwater restaurants, and if you’re lucky dolphin spotting can be in the agenda.

2. Coronado – California

If you’re fancying a trip on the west side here’s a place to check out. North Beach is perfect for surfers especially in the early mornings and if you do have your furry friend you can unleash them at Dog Beach and let them get a nice mouthful of salt water too.

1. Manele Bay – Hawaii

If you’re super lucky and get to travel off the mainland for Hawaii check out Manele Bay. 70 degree water, cool fish, occasional spinner dolphins, snorkeling, and scuba diving. What more could you want? Not to mention it’s considered one of the most perfect stretches of sand in the world. Why not put more perfection—you—on top of that?

Got any beach suggestions we didn’t mention? Tell us your killer beaches in the comments!