Top 5 Travel Destinations in East India

Eastern India-the part of India where the sun rises! It comprises the states of West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa and also the union territory of Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

The region has an interesting blend of Bengali, Assamese and Indian tribal culture. Eastern India lies on the Bay of Bengal, along the Eastern Ghats and is famous for its dark and dense forests, exquisite waterfalls, rich heritage and tranquil rivers. The mighty river Ganga (Ganges) flows down the Himalayas to embrace this piece of land!

Should you visit the East India region, here are 5 places to explore that you must add to your list of things to do in India.

1. Darjeeling, West Bengal

Darjeeling also known as the “Queen of Hill Stations” is one of the most beautiful hill resorts in the world! Crowned by the majestic Himalayas, residing under the blanket of clouds, this little piece of land homes of snow peaks and lush green-tea farms, splendid alpine and temperate forests as well as exotic species of flora and fauna including orchids and rhododendrons.

Rest in the serene arms of Mother Nature or explore fantastic attractions such as the Darjeeling Himalayan Railways (a.k.a Toy Train) and trekking in the cloudy hills. Visitors should also take part in the Darjeeling Carnival, a ten-day festival that depicts the rich cultural heritage of this state.

2. Chilika Lake, Orissa (Odisha)

Chilika Lake is Asia’s largest brackish water lagoon, spanning an area of about 1000 square kilometres and offering breathtaking views. The lake has various isles such as Nalabana, Kalijai and Satpada Island.

Chilika Lake is bustling with a phenomenal variety of wildlife including fish and migratory birds. This lake welcomes as many as 160 species of migratory birds during the peak season between November and February and thus, is literally a paradise for birdwatchers and dolphins lovers too. It is common to spot dolphins near Satpada Island.

3. Havelock Islands, Andaman Islands

The gorgeous Havelock Islands are the most popular islands of the Andaman group of Islands. Surrounded by crystal-clear waters and sun-kissed beaches adorned by palm trees, the Havelock islands provide a heavenly getaway in East India.

The most famous beaches include Radhanagar beach and Elephant beach; their coral reefs make them ideal spots for snorkelling and scuba diving as well as jungle treks and camping. However, there are much more to see and do in these islands.

4. Sunderbans Forests, West Bengal

Floating roots and swamps give the Sunderban forests a thick and mystical look. These forest also offer a ravishing display of flora and fauna; visit the largest mangrove forests and tiger reserve in the world.

Sundarbans forests lie at the southernmost tip of west Bengal where the land meets the sea (Bay of Bengal) and are also a part of the world’s largest delta formed by the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers.

The Sundarbans is a fascinating and attractive place to visit in East India fpr all adventurers and nature-lovers.

5. Ranchi, Jharkhand

Ranchi, the capital-city of Jharkhand is situated 2,140 ft. above sea level and attracts a lot of tourists from around the world. It is surrounded by tranquil waterfalls, forested hills, beautiful lush green gardens, and exquisite landscapes.

The parks and gardens are a refreshing treat for the tourists. Ranchi is homes to major temples that attract devotees and non-devotees alike. The annual fair at Jagannathpur temple of Ranchi during the famous festival of Rath Yatra is a top attraction to this East India region. But other temples such as the sun temple and Rajarappa Mandir attract a lot of tourists as well. Waterfalls such as the Hundru falls and Jonha falls are a perfect blend of scenic beauty and serenity allowing you to relax in the vicinity of nature’s marvels.

A visit to East India will allow you to dive into a rich cultural and natural blend. It is also a serene escape to places of great beauty and cultural significance.

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