Off-Season Travel To Scandinavia: Things To Do

Winter holidays are becoming popular alternatives to their traditional sun-soaked beach counterparts. People want a little more adventure and excitement whilst escaping the hassles of daily life.

Off-season travel to Scandinavia is not the most appealing travel idea for many. During wintertime, days are only two to four hours long and temperatures rank among the lowest in the world. Nevertheless, even in these apparently harsh conditions, off-season travel in Scandinavia is full of surprises and delights. See for yourself.

Ice racing

Icy tracks, battered cars, and only one objective: get round the course as fast as possible. Ice racing near the Arctic Circle can be dangerous but it is incredibly thrilling; and is a must-do during an off-season travel to Scandinavia. Cars go way over 60 mph and there are plenty of sideways driving. This is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will never forget.

Aurora Borealis

This natural phenomenon goes by the name of Northern Lights. This is a truly amazing sky spectacle of swirling green, red and yellow colors. The Northern European territory has dark clear skies during cold nights — from December to February — which make for perfect conditions to spot an aurora. Some of the best travel spots are Tromso and Lofoten Islands in Norway.

The Polar Night

Very few places in the world have days when the sun never really rises. In parts of Scandinavia the sun will hover along the line of the horizon for several hours before disappearing again. While it can be depressive for locals, it is a unique sight visitors truly appreciate to its fullest. The eerie glow of the sun creates an unworldly landscape, one that you will never forget.

Complementing the Polar Night is the Arctic Sunset. As it indefinitely lines the horizon, the sun creates one of the most fantastic sunsets in the world. The barely warm rays hit the winter wonderland to create a supernatural picture that would stir emotion in the hardest of hearts.

Wildlife safaris and unforgettable activities

An off-season travel to Scandinavia is also a unique opportunity for animal-spotting. During the wintertime, the country’s wildlife reveals itself. See elks, reindeers and polar bears as they wander in the most scenic and peaceful landscapes in the world.

As you explore the arctic lands on your snowmobile, make a time for ice fishing. It involves cutting a hole in the ice, dropping a line in the water beneath and hope something bites.

Ice Hotels – exquisite lodging at a convenient price

Every year, between December and March, structures seem to spring out of the ice. These include churches, sculptures, and even hotels. You could sleep in giant-sized luxury igloos, and even have drinks in cup made of ice. There are cheap yet awesome lodging options to consider for an off-season travel to Scandinavia.

Local Markets

Last but not least, your off-season travel to Scandinavia would be incomplete without a visit at the local markets. There are many traditional souks and bazaars selling a variety of wares at a lower price off-season.  The best is held in Jokkmokk in February and is a celebration of the Saami culture. Everything is there from traditional activities to relics and artefacts. This is a unique chance to learn while you shop and immerse yourself in the Scandinavian culture.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure, and have the trip of a lifetime in Scandinavia. For a more convenient travel package, exploring the territory off-season is an excellent idea.

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