Worst Travel Experiences You Will Ever Have

What is the worst travel experience you ever had? Comments and reviews on travel sites are often insightful and inspiring. But, sometimes, you stumble on horrible trip experiences that will make you NOT want to travel anymore… ever.

Luckily, some of the moments depicted, with a lot of perspective, sound absolutely hilarious. I am sure the victims of these fails didn’t find it as funny as you will.  Enjoy, you sadistic, you!

Two is not her lucky number

“Broke two ribs tripping into the bathtub on the 1st day of my vacation in the Dominican Republic … Result: no swimming, no diving , no salsa! ” – Karin

Better early than never

“Getting up at 2 am to get to the airport located 300 km away. Winding roads, chaotic journey… arrive at the airport only to realize that the flight was cancelled.” Great planning, Karen! – Lea

Ah, the tropics!

Climb to 4200 meters of altitude in shirt and sandal because… Morocco! It’s always hot in Morocco…” – Mik

Better call… Saul?

“Parked in downtown Toronto, paid a ridiculous amount for a parking space for an hour. Came back before the meter ran out to a missing car along with all the papers, passport, etc. missing as well. Car impounded because it exceeded the slot by… 30 lousy centimeters! – Steve

Sky’s the limit

“My first experience in Amsterdam and the horrible one-hour high I inflicted on my greedy self after eating space brownies (which I knew nothing about) in a coffee shop! I laugh now but it was a complete nightmare and a good lesson. Warning to the uninitiated.” – Didier

Rush hour

“5 hours in a rickety bus in Burma, so overcrowded that passengers and goods were hanging from the roof, making the whole trip up, squeezed like sardines in a can, plus a one-hour flat-tire stop… Epic!” – William

Persona non sober

“Half-a-day layover in Morocco on my way from France to Benin, decide to take advantage of the duty-free booze to pass time and get denied boarding because of the “alcohol smell”. Result: had to catch the next flight… which was the next day. Ugh! If don’t like the alcohol smell, why were they selling it in the first place?” – Eric

Drunken love

“Salar de Uyuni, our drunk driver fell asleep at the wheel. My boyfriend had to fill up for him and drive the SUV in the uncharted desert while the guide was snoring in the backseat. Pretty cool, no?” – Marie

The more the warmer

“In New Zealand, around Wanaka on the South Island, going on a trekking weekend for four, walking for 5 hours, finding the best spot at the top of the mountain with breathtaking views despite the 2°C chill before realizing that we forgot the pegs of one of the tents. We had to squeeze us 4 in a tent for 2.” – Julie

Best night of my life

“Arrive at the Ghanaian border 2 minutes after it closed for the night without enough money to get a hotel and a wedding to attend in the morning. Pay local kids to help you cross to the Togolese side via the beach any way, get spotted and arrested by local cops. End up spending the night and half the next day locked up, miss the wedding, and then be told by the police officers that those kids were actually local thugs who were probably leading you to the shadows to mug you. Hum… the jail cell wasn’t so bad after all.” – Olam

What is the worst travel experience you ever had in your life? Share it with us in the comments below. 

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