Free EBook: Learn How to Plan a Group Trip on a Budget

A bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas.

A trip to Cancun with your MBA friends.

A reunion-style trip to Miami with your buddies from grade school.

There are so many opportunities to travel with friends. Unfortunately, the logistics and process of planning group travel make people give up before even starting. Where to start? What are the best practices?

That shouldn’t happen and it doesn’t have to.

Planning a Group Trip on a Budget

At Travefy, we love the thought of friends traveling together. The moments you share with your loved ones on a trip are those that define friendships forever.

That’s why we’ve written the eBook, Planning a Group Trip on a Budget. The book includes step-by-step guide to plan your entire group vacation. We help you organize the trip from the start, recommend best practices for group travelers, and teach you how to save up on your group accommodations. All that for FREE!

If you want to start planning a trip with friends today, but don’t know where to start, download our FREE eBook!

Have a question or worry about planning group travel? Reach us in the comments below or on social media. We are dedicated to helping you plan the best group vacation possible.