5 Non Traditional NYC Activities To Try

Aside Paris, New York City might just be the most visited tourist city in the world. The Big Apple has so many iconic landmarks, popular attractions, and world-famous venues that everyone finds a favorite thing to see or do, and a reason to keep coming back.

No matter how many times people claim to have mapped out all the best things to see and do in Gotham, someone goes off the beaten path and finds yet another hidden gem worth exploring. When you do some group travel to New York, stand out. Here are five non-traditional NYC activities best enjoyed with friends.

1. Grand Central Terminal

Above Michael Jordan’s The Steakhouse, you will find a black tile on the – otherwise – spotless ceiling of the Grand Central Terminal. The golden Zodiac signs painted on the splendid sea-green ceiling are a wonderful sight you must behold when you visit NYC alone or with friends.

That dark tile is a reminder of the colossal decade-long project to remove ages of smoke and train exhaust stain, which allows visitors like you to enjoy this marvel once again. The concourse also holds many other secrets that you and your friends should discover.

2. Painting Lounge

Of all the things you could do in New York with your traveling buddies, I bet you didn’t think of going painting. The Painting Lounge in Manhattan is a fun studio where groups of friends can enjoy an artsy night out. The studio provides everything you need to be creative, from the canvas to the paint. You just have to bring your creativity and a bottle of your favorite beverage… you know, to unleash the Picasso in you.

3. Brooklyn Brewery

New York City is a megapolis and as such you can expect to find most – if not all – the beers of the world here. But if you haven’t tried the Big Apple’s own little brews, you’re seriously missing out. The Brooklyn Brewery has been around since the 80s, making it a pioneer in the craft beer movement. The brewery offers tours and beer sampling in its tasting room on weekends.

4. Madame Tussauds, New York

More than a NYC activity, a visit to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum is an international experience unlike any other. Started in London, the wax museum has branches in all major cities and cultural hubs. Each local museum offers an interactive experience with life-size representations of the greatest celebrities shaping pop culture. In NYC, you and your friends can sing with Usher, take a swing with Tiger Woods, and hang out with over 200 celebrities — but beware of the house of horrors.

5. Sports Museum of America

I dare you to find another museum in America that celebrates the legends and heroes of all favorite American sports under one roof. The Sports Museum of America is the result of an impressive teamwork between halls of fame, museums, and other sports organizations to bring together an impressive collection of unique sports artifacts.

Fans and visitors will relive the greatest moments of their favorite sports with a memorable interactive multimedia experience. You will have lots to talk about (or argue about).

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