There’s A Party In America: Top 10 American Celebrations

Parties in the USA can be found literally anywhere. From major cities like New York to the middle of the deserts of northern Nevada, there is indeed a party in the USA Miley. Whether you’re looking for an amazing place to enjoy a holiday weekend or just a party for the sake of it, here are 10 of the greatest American celebrations.

1. Burning Man: Black Rock Desert, Nevada

The ultimate hippy gathering, this arts experiment located in Black Rock Desert, Nevada attracts thousands of free-loving and acid-dropping party people a year. It’s kind of hard to explain what happens at Burning Man, but expect to see anything during your week in this desolate, sandy terrain, from people dressed as martians on stilts to cars made out of Lego and more. The climax of this American celebration is the lighting of “The Man”, a large wicker sculpture, on fire, hence the name.

2. Bay to Breakers: San Francisco, California

San Francisco starts its biggest party with a run. Bay to Breakers is a 12k footrace across the city with one minor difference to most races, people dress in wacky costumes or sometimes even nothing at all. With public nudity being legal in the city, you never know what body part you’ll be bumping into at this parade of hula-hooping people.

3. Fantasy Fest: Key West, Florida

Keeping with the costume theme, Fantasy Fest is a sexy street party in the Florida Keys. In the last week of October, the city of Key West blocks its streets to be taken over by funny floats, driven by the sort of people you would only expect to see in your wildest dreams. Get a room with a view of the festivities and make sure to see who wins conch king and queen.

4. Mardi Gras: New Orleans, Louisiana

Get all the sinning out of your system before lent. A month of festivities leads up to Mardi Gras’┬ás wildest day, Fat Tuesday. A NOLA tradition, people from around the world visit for this celebration. It’s city-wide, but Bourbon Street in the center of activity. Dance to brass band music as you spot jesters and people dressed in Carnival attire. Grab some beads, a bucket of booze and let the party begin.

5. Mummers Parade: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

While people in most cities across America are nursing a hangover come New Year’s Day, Philadelphians are still partying. Derived from European traditions, the Mummers Parade has been taking place in Philadelphia since the 17th century. Squads of people dressed in matching costumes parade down Broad Street. Expect to see carnival attire, feathers, umbrellas, face paint and more.

6. Greasy Pole: Gloucester, Massachusetts

Celebrated during St. Peter’s Fiesta, the Greasy Pole is a Gloucester tradition. Spend your day hopping from boat to boat with a drink in hand, watching people attempt grab a flag at the end of a greased-up wooden pole over over the Gloucester Harbor. Those brave or intoxicated enough can try it for themselves.

7. SantaCon: New York, New York

Forget about New Year’s Eve, SantaCon is New York City’s craziest party. Spread holiday cheer by dressing up as Santa, Mrs. Claus, your favorite elf or reindeer and taking to the streets of the Big Apple. Think more along the lines Bad Santa than Miracle on 34th Street when you picture a sea of costumed folks taking over the city.

8. Winter Music Conference: Miami, Florida

One of the biggest parties in the world, the Winter Music Conference in Miami Beach is a week-long celebration of electric music. Get in on the massive rave while listening to your favorite DJs. The highlight of this event is the International Dance Music Awards, but every day and night is a party.

9. Halloween: Las Vegas, Nevada

The naughtiest day of the year in America’s naughtiest city? Yes please. Obviously a city known for its illusions and bad deeds is going to do Halloween right. Dress in your best attire for one of the biggest costume parties in the world, parade the Strip and attend one of over 50 parties in the city over Halloween weekend.

10. Memorial Day: Austin, Texas

Welcome summer from Devils Cove, Lake Travis. The new Austin tradition might just be the best Memorial Day celebration in the USA. Tattooed-and-tanned-bodies leave little left to the imagination as thousands of people fill white boats on the lake. Music blares throughout the cove as shots are passed from boat to boat.

Did we missed any of your favorite celebrations? Tell us all about that in the comment box below.

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Bobbi is an experienced travel blogger, and globetrotter who loves to share his knowledge of the most vibrant party scenes in America and around the world.