The Perks Of Traveling With Friends

Be it the the chats that shorten long drives or just expense sharing and group deals, there are some perks to traveling with friends. Before you rule out the company of others on your trips, consider the benefits. In this post, we count down 12 of the best.

9. Personal Photographer

Tired of stretching your arms every time and the selfie stick is just not long enough for you? Take a friend along to act as your dedicated photographer and photobomber.

8. Wingman or wingwoman

We often assume that solo travelers are more attuned to their surroundings. Thus, they are more likely to make friends and mingle with locals. But face it: It can be intimidating to be outgoing and we are not all extroverts. Traveling with friends gives you a little comfort zone and a zit of confidence.

7. Extended wardrobes

If you are traveling with friends, like real best friends who you share size with, you might want to share stuff from times to times. Especially with like any good traveler, you all chose to pack light and smart.

6. Save on group expenses

The one reason people love and fear group travel at the same time: expense sharing! Traveling with friends mean that you can share hotel, meal and transport costs. It also means access to a variety of awesome group discounts and deals: private rooms, better tables at restaurants, and more.

5. Safety in numbers

Shouldn’t traveling with friends be synonymous of “safety in numbers”? we often assume that we reduce the risks of mishaps by being part of a large group. Your loved ones would be at ease knowing that you are on a journey with people they know and trust.

4. Deepening friendship

Travel broadens the mind but traveling with friends deepens friendship. You do not know someone until you have traveled with them. Discover each other’s strong suits and weaknesses. Face adversity together and at times, get on one another’s nerves. True friendships come out of this test strengthened. As for the rest…

3. More brain power

Talking about facing adversity, traveling with friends means more brain power. Some members of the group will be more knowledgeable of something than others. Pulling all that knowledge together will give you more perspective.

2. Cure for homesickness

Traveling with friends is a natural therapy for homesickness. A trip will somehow take you out of your comfort zone. Very few can stand long time without familiar landmarks. Having people you share history with is much like having a piece of home with you.

1. Never be lonely

Well, traveling with friends is really for those who can’t stand loneliness. It is for those who need conversations during those long bus rides and road trips. Group travel gives you someone to share all your experiences with. You can reminisce about them together, long after and keep the trip alive.

What is your favorite part of traveling with friends? Tell us more about it in the comments below. 

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