World’s Most Awesome Treehouse Hotels

Do you think living in a treehouse is a privilege exclusive to Ewoks and Tarzan? Treehouse lodgings have blossomed worldwide to become a lodging option for adventurous travelers. However, don’t think of them as your childhood tree fort — they are more than plain planks of wood nailed to a tree, and have all the luxurious amenities you could dream of (on top of being located in the most scenic places on Earth).

Whether you are looking for a unique travel experience or just to commune with nature, consider this stay. To inspire your choice, here are the coolest luxury treehouse hotels around the world.

1. Treehotel – Sweden, Europe

You will find many luxurious treehouse hotels in Europe, like the French Châteaux dans les Arbres or la Cabane en l’Air. Yet this one stands out due to its eccentric design and the fame of the architects behind its unique appearance. For a little more than $500, you’ll get to spend the night in a bird nest, a mirror cube, or even a UFO. Each of the five suspended suites stands out as a exceptional piece of modern art.

2. Hinchinbrook Island Resort – Australia

If you travel the whole way to Aussie, we recommend taking a van down the Stuart on the road trip of your life — but still make time to stay in a treehouse hotel, as it’s just as awesome of a travel experience. While Australia has many top-notch options — such as the Silky Oaks Lodge — you’ll certainly fall for the isolated Hinchinbrook resort.

The island is a huge Natural Park with luxurious rainforests, rugged mountains, and gorgeous beaches. As for the resort, it’s a complex of fully-equipped bungalows hidden in the trees. This option is a remarkable destination for those looking for solitude and seclusion.

3. Sanya Nanshan Treehouse Hotel – China, Asia

Away from the overcrowded Mainland in the South China Sea, you will find the quaint Hainan Island. On it, there’s the “Big Beach in the Sky,” a rustic treehouse lodging that can house up to 20 people on three levels. There are no fancy accommodations here, which makes it perfect for austere spiritual retreats. In fact, there aren’t any distractions here but the preferred views of the sea and the nearby Buddhism culture park, which consists of 5,000 acres of botanical gardens and temples. If you are looking for a place to reflect upon yourself or work on your Zen attitude, this is it!

4. Tongabezi – Zambia, Africa

The top African treehouse hotels include the Tsala Treetop Lodge and Tongabezi Lodge. Tsala is unique in its design, boasting stone and glass finishing, and a floral experience on the famous Garden Route. Guests are even welcome to behold the rich marine life.

However, Tongabezi offers unique views over the Victoria Falls and the scenic Zambezi River. Relax at the hotel, or head out for a river cruise to the Livingstone Island. The most adventurous will take on safaris into the beautiful Chobe National Park.

5. Free Spirit Spheres – Canada, North America

Melody, Eryn, and Eve are rock stars — meaning, these inhabitable spheres will gently rock you to sleep to the rhythm of the Vancouver forest. Suspended 10-15 feet above ground, these treehouses were designed to encourage humans to bond with nature. Year after year, Free Spirit Spheres are listed  amongst the top treehouse hotels in the world. Not only do they offer a unique experience in a coastal rainforest, they are in close proximity to top British Columbia landmarks.

These are just five (or rather six )of the coolest and most unique treehouse hotels in the world. However, this is by no means an exhaustive list — Central and South America alone have at least five amazing options, including a stay in Manaus’s Amazonian rainforests or the Parrot Nest Lodge is Belize.

If a unique experience is what you are aiming for, you can’t go wrong by staying in a treehouse.