Top 10 Travel YOLO Experiences as Voted by Students [Part 2]

Some travel experiences are just out-of-this-world. You live them once and never again, because you know it was – -or rather, is — a moment that you own forever.

I stumbled upon a top 10 list of once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences that UK students wanted to live out at all costs. If you haven’t read the first part, go ahead and do so here. Below are the top five YOLO experiences to add to your own travel bucket list.

5. Hike the Great Wall of China

A hike down the Great Wall of China is a walk through history — a stroll down the 13,000 miles of this world marvel is an adventure by itself. In fact, it could take nearly¬†a week to visit all its entrances and learn the two-century-old history of the Chinese Empire. Sleep in the watchtowers at night, visit the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square by day. Be sure to also attend a traditional tea ceremony for a feel of one of the most ancient and rich civilizations in the world. Check out this visit guide to this fantastic cultural experience.

4. Night in a Treehouse in a Jungle

You dreamed of it since watching Tarzan, you built it in Minecraft, now live the real deal. You will find many awesome treehouse stays around the world: from Swedish B&Bs to upscale French vacation rentals. But for a true YOLO experience, you need the jungle component. In this case, head into the heart of the Peruvian Amazon to an ecolodge only accessible by boat. Sleep in bungalow feet above ground, and wake up to the sound of the luxuriant rainforest’s wildlife. Just hope pumas can’t climb trees.

3. Skydiving over New Zealand

New Zealand’s stunning landscape is picture-perfect — it doesn’t come as a surprise that it is a preferred Hollywood filming location. But the best way to take in the magnificent views is from miles above ground. Nothing beats the 360 view of the scenic lakes surrounded by snow-capped mountains and vast prairies. The adrenaline rush of the free fall only enhances this YOLO experience to make it the more unforgettable.

2. Safari in Africa

The days of game-hunting in a colonial Africa might be long gone, but the excitement of a big adventure in the wild remains. Kenya and Tanzania are longtime top safari destinations, but new ones are now emerging. Participants are no longer out for animal head trophies — rather, they welcome the chance to visit unspoiled national parks and their protected species. Thrill-seekers and eco-tourists alike should take on an African safari at least once, and ditch the fancy resorts in favor of an authentic local experience.

1. Road trip through America

America is vast and diverse. The United States are indeed 50 states in one nation, each with its own roadside attractions, and no need for a visa to cross borders. Is it surprising that a road trip through America is the number one YOLO experience students want to have? Could it be the decades of pop art that celebrate it – from songs like “Born to be Wild,” to movies such as “Thelma and Louise”? Be it a trip along the Pacific Coast Highway, an open road on Cape Cod, or the ride along historic Route 66, an American road trip is unique.

Here is the big list of the top 10 YOLO experiences every traveler should have, and that UK students dream to have. Let’s keep the dice rolling here, which travel experiences do you wish to live before you die?