Top 5 Most Awesome Ski Resorts to Visit in 2015

Summer lovers get angry whenever winter comes. It is always so hard to say goodbye to the sun, the beach, and all the outdoor fun. Yet, many people just can’t wait for the first snow days; these are the winter sportsmen, ski buffs and the mountain resort habitu├ęs.

For them, for the past 3 years, ZRankings has been putting together their list of the top ski resorts in North America – based on awesomeness. Gear up and let’s check out the ranking for 2015.

5. Vail Ski Resort, Colorado

Vail is among the largest North American ski mountains, only behind Big Sky and Whistler. The ski resort sits on a 3,450-foot-high mountain and offers quality amenities for all winter sport fans. To make matter better, patrons don’t have to limit themselves to the resort. They can also explore the resort’s base village -the town of Vail- or the White River National Forest. Vail is a heaven for all nature lovers

4. Alyeska Ski Resort, Alaska

Mount Alyeska is about 27 miles away from Anchorage and homes the biggest ski area in the state. The Alyeska ski resort stands out for the quality of its slopes; some of the most challenging there are. Alyeska runs are most suitable for advanced and expert skiers. This might explain why it hosts some the top alpine competitions in the world, and serves as training ground for champions.

3. Whistler-Blackcomb, British Columbia

Vancouver’s preferred ski resort is the largest in North America. Whistler offers some of the best and most unique amenities ski fans can dream of. It has an impressive uphill lift capacity, perfect for taking 2 million visitors atop the highest ski slopes. Also, the resort has one of the highest and longest cable car rides in the world, linking the Whistler and Blackcomb mountains.

2. Alta, Utah

Salt Lake City’s ski resort is one of the most popular in the country. Due to its high elevation, Alta experiences a subalpine climate and receives heavy snow during peak season. No wonder, it attracts more than half-a-million visitors each year who come to enjoy their sports. What makes Alta stand out? No snowboarding allowed!

1. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Wyoming

Looking for an underrated ski resort worth a visit? Jackson Hole’s snow-laden slopes cater to skiers and snowboarders of all levels. It might not have the glamor of Aspen but this little winter wonderland lost in Wyoming has many appeals. For instance, visitors can also hit Grand Targhee and Snow King Resorts, or the Grand Teton National Park.

Check out the complete list here. What do you think of the ski resorts in this list? Which one are you planning to visit? Tell us more in the comment box below.