Top 30 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations Of 2015

The first vacation after the wedding vows is definitely one that holds a particularly special meaning for couples. It’s a time for unwinding, relaxing and spending quality time together after the stress and fast pace of wedding planning.

Pick a location from these to shake off the fatigue from the wedding ceremonies, and step into a magical journey to start your happily ever after.

1. Greece

Sun-kissed beaches strewn with history and gorgeous views from Cliffs – Greece has all the makings of a perfect sojourn in the Mediterranean. With the great weather and food, what else do you need to enjoy the most idyllic vacation of your life?

2. Paris, France

Paris, the City of Light, is a custom-ready location for lovers. Everything here favors romance. Dine atop the Eiffel Tower, savor genuine French bread and wine, or just listen to the street serenades. Pair it with choice visits at wineries of Provence, the beaches of Saint-Tropez, and you have a beautiful holiday tailor-made for all moods.

3. Bali, Indonesia

Touted as Indonesia’s most scenic destination, Bali is the quaint destination of choice to kick-start a new life. Fall in love anew on its white sandy beaches, share the panoramic ocean views with your love, and just lay back in the many five-star resorts. The mountains with their gorgeous waterfalls, the world-class cuisine, and the Buddhist temples are both addictive and seductive.

4. Hawaii, USA

The gorgeous beaches, waterfalls, with honeymoon cruises and incredible scenery make Hawaii one of the most coveted spots for a passionate retreat. The neighboring islands like Maui, Kauai offer private spots with lush greenery and a beautiful culture to say aloha to a happy life!

5. Fiji

A better romantic honeymoon destination, Fiji — with its faraway islands, hot springs and many water activities — will make you beg for more.

6. Mexico

For an exciting and piquant romantic honeymoon, go to Mexico. Explore a whole new world of spicy food, serene beaches, and historical Aztec temples. The time spent with your better half will be one to cherish for the rest of your life

7. Tahiti

Get lost on a love island for the most romantic honeymoon. With over 118 islands, volcanos, and other scenic destinations like Moorea and Bora Bora, the choice will be all yours. Enjoy a variety of water sports, forest exploration, and sunbathing opportunities.

8. Cape Town, South Africa

Want a romantic honeymoon filled with adventure and fun? Then Cape Town is your answer. With its rich, vibrant culture coupled with the lush-green countryside, it’s an unparalleled avenue for adventure sports and wild life watching mixed with some of the finest party venues of the world.

9. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a delightful mix of history, culture and cuisine. It has a fantastic blend of art, architecture, and modernism. Let’s not forget the food, music, -and of course- the sea.

10. Jamaica

Jamaica has the most scenic beaches and all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean. Add to these, its rich and unique music scene and you have one of the most popular island destination for new couples.

11. Australia

Incredible beaches with state-of –art facilities for snorkeling around the Great Coral Barrier reefs, and the treks on the mainland make this destination appealing. Visit Sydney and Melbourne to discover a welcoming and vibrant culture you will fall in love with.

12. New Zealand

There are gorgeous beaches for sunbathing, freshwater lakes for fishing or swimming as well as rapids for rafting. Exploring the stunning fjords and conquer some of the most spectacular mountain tops in the world. New Zealand’s diversity makes it a superb romantic honeymoon spots for adventurers.

13. Thailand

For a complete holiday experience, Thailand will welcome your romantic honeymoon. Thailand is a cosmopolitan city with spectacular gastronomy and culture that couple well with the raw beauty of its landscapes.

14. Switzerland

Switzerland is a favored couple paradise according to Bollywood. Its snow flaked mountains tipped with edelweiss are a breath of fresh air for couples after the stress of the nuptial ceremonies.

15. Costa Rica

For nature lovers, Costa Rica will be the best spots possible for a romantic honeymoon. Its rich biodiversity and changing landscapes are made for trekking, nature tripping, and bird watching. If you are tired of walking, get on the Pacific side of country and experience beautiful beaches with blue waters for rest and relaxation.

16. Las Vegas, USA

If you want your coming life to start with glamour and glitz, go to Las Vegas. Sin City never sleeps and will provide you with a great world-class cuisine and entertainment. Its lights and music will make you feel like you are the stars of its vibrant, decadent nights.

17. Turkey

Open the window to another culture with a trip to Istanbul and Turkey’s western coast. Istanbul sits on two continents and has a history that is thousands of years old. Enjoy the fabulous food, visit unique landmarks and constantly change your world at every new city you visit.

18. Kenya

Kenya has resplendent pristine forests with a rich fauna, and one of the tallest mountains in the world: the Kilimanjaro. Kenya is a preferred romantic honeymoon destination for safari lovers and adventure travelers.

19. Bermuda.

Pink-sand beaches, sapphire blue waters and various isles with picturesque bridges. It is hard not to strengthen the love flame with the festive and quaint atmosphere on this tropical destination.

20. Aruba, Netherlands

A definite answer for couples needing a secluded beach getaway. Aruba has a long stretch of picture-perfect beaches with clear waters meant for snorkeling, horse riding and sailing.

21. Maldives

Dazzle your better half, with the magic of these dazzling islands. The sunsets here are magical, the starry nights will see your most unforgettable candlelit dinners. The warm days are best spent exploring the beaches and the marine wildlife. You can also stay in bungalows swimming in its turquoise waters.

22. Kerala, Southern India

Touted as the gods’ own country, Kerala is a paradise on Earth with incredible houseboats, beaches, and hill stations. Spend some time trekking in the Munnar, go boating in the backwaters of the Alleppey, or just relax at the beach in the best company there is.

23. Scotland

Scotland is also a great destination for a romantic honeymoon. It might not be the exotic tropical island but it has its charms with its vast lands and century-old castles. It is a country of tradition where you can enjoy exciting scenery while resting in quaint, old-fashion guest houses.

24. California, USA

California is synonym of redwoods, wines, Hollywood glamour, and San Francisco’s hip. Explore the most famous west coast state, from the glitter of Los Angeles to the most secluded desert getaway spots. There is much to see and do in California.

25. Portugal

Portugal is often cited as one of the most affordable destinations in Europe. Great, because it is also famous for the quality of its coastline and vineyards. Transport yourselves to a gone-era as you wander its ancient castles and cobblestone streets.

26. US Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are known for their beaches. Share the moment with your beloved watching the sunset while having a dinner by the beach. The Islands offer the opportunity to discover some exotic underwater species as well as the chance to bring back unique handicrafts as souvenir.

27. Italy

Like France, Italy is a traditional romantic honeymoon destination, thanks to Venice, the Tuscan vineyards, and the legend of Romeo and Juliet. Rome and Florence are rich historical and cultural destinations to have to discover with someone that most matter to you. Plus it takes two to balance a Venetian gondola.

28. Dubai, EUA

The Emirates are a land of glitter, luxury, and magic. Come live your own thousand-and-one-nights adventure for a vacation you will never forget. The marvelous attractions, beautiful beachside, and desert dunes seems like sights out of this world. Don’t miss on the hot air balloon rides, guided desert safaris, and the diving explorations if you want some excitement. Otherwise, the great shopping malls and the happening nightlife will keep you on your toes.

29. Belgium

The best-kept secret of Europe, Belgium is a lover’s paradise. It offers picturesque little towns, scenic villages, and towns infused with color, rich culture, and age-old heritage. The sweet moments will be made all the sweeter with the truffles and the dark chocolates that you can cook together with your loved one.

30. Austria

Austria has long culture where music and food hold a prominent place. Its castles, museums and remote alpine villages make for great daytime outings for just you and your love. Better yet, the Austrian Alps and the snowcapped mountains are dream destinations for skiers worldwide. Austria is also one of the last place on Earth where people get around in horse-pulled sleighs. Spend your nights secluded in a superb chalet, sipping wine nearby a cozy fireplace. How does that sound?

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Chetan Jadhav is an avid reader and loves to travel extensively. He writes here on behalf of Dubai-based Dubai-based Rayna Tours.