Top 10 YOLO Travel Experiences as Voted by Students [Part 1]

I came across a Daily Mail article that made me smile — specifically, it was the infographic it contained that was so amusing. The last section of infographic outlined the top ten YOLO travel experiences for students.

I must admit, it made me want to travel right away. Check out the complete list — it will inspire you to add a few items to your travel bucket list.

10. Hot Air Balloon Safari, Serengeti

There are many ways to go on a safari, but a hot air balloon ride has to be the most awesome. (10 out of 10 scientists agree.) The Serengeti plains in Tanzania are a national park that prohibit any walking or off-road adventures — which means the only option you have is to see it by air. While this is the closest you’ll get to the animals, at least you will enjoy stunning views of the whole reserve.

9. North Pole Trek

The North Pole is a true must-do-before-I-die travel destination, though probably not the hottest on your bucket list! (Pun intended) An ice trek has to be one of the most YOLO travel experiences you can have — this is your chance to be among the legendary explorers who challenged the Arctic cold. It’s just you, the ice, and the harshest conditions on Earth. Just remember: no feasting on your travel buddies for survival!

8. Mardi Gras, New Orleans

In the true YOLO spirit, Mardi Gras could very well be the wildest carnival north of Rio. It’s safe to say it’s the craziest party in the US — this two-week celebration has left its religious context behind, instead becoming synonymous with debauchery. In fact, visitors come from all over the world for the hedonistic parties of Bourbon Street and the French Quarter with their fair share of booze, beads, and boobs.

7. Vietnam Road trip on a Bike

What makes a motorcycle road trip across Vietnam so epic? It could be the destination itself, the food, the tropical beaches, or the fantastic people. It could also be because a road trip on a motorcycle has that little born-to-be-wild feel to it. Then again, what motivates college kids more than breaking rules and freaking out their parents — and what can be more thrilling than traveling on a bike from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh (without a license, and trying to keep up with a traffic free-for-all)? Add in a couple of stops in small villages to sample unique foods and drinks and… YOLO!

6. Sailing the Whitsundays, Australia

This is the one careless travel experience you should go on with no thought for expenses. Don’t worry — your brain will be busy focusing on one the most scenic tropical landscapes in the world. Cruise through the islands, snorkel the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, or relax on a secluded isle — there is much to do. The coast of the Queensland has more island wonders and small town fun than you can handle. Only the sky — and the depth of your pocket — is the limit!

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