Christmas Foods From Around The World To Try

I do not know about you but our world tour of Christmas drinks opened my appetite. Knowing that Lithuania has a precise Christmas Eve dinner menu makes you wonder how it is elsewhere. So we went on the search of traditional Christmas foods from around the world. What we found are some mouthwatering items that will couple well with the drinks. Enjoy!

1. Dinde aux marrons – France

Who says Christmastime in France means champagne, foie gras, and yule log. Hot chestnut is a winter tradition in Paris and happen to be the main ingredient in this dish.
Chestnut-stuffed turkey is a special French Christmas food. While every region has its own delicacies, don’t be surprised to see this one on the menu as well. Some may swap the turkey for the more traditional goose.
Regardless, the secret of this dish is in the success of the stuffing itself. Here’s is a simple recipe to walk you through it. Bon appetit!

2. Sopa paraguaya – Paraguay

You will dream of a white Christmas when it is 97 F outside. Paraguayans keep cool at Christmastime sipping on apple cider and icy cold beer. On their tables, you will find roasted chicken and pork, potato salad, and the weirdest soup ever.
The Paraguayan soup is no soup at all. Instead, it’s a delicious sponge cake made of corn flour, cheese, and milk. This Christmas food resembles the North American corn bread and a prized local delicacy.
Here is the sopa paraguaya recipe. Just make sure not to overcook it as it will become too dry to swallow; unless your goal is to make your guests drink.

3. Pancit – Philippines

The Philippines are a former Spaniard colony and has inherited some of their traditions. Christmas foods on the island includes coconut-flavored pork, salads, and desserts. If you love rice and coconut, you must try the puto bumbong rice and the bibingka cake.
Pancit stands out for being a Filipino noodle dish of Chinese and not Spaniard origins. It comes served with sliced meat and vegetables. Check out this Pancit Canton recipe to try today. And maligayang pasko!

4. Doro Wat – Ethiopia

It wouldn’t be a world tour without a visit to Africa and the made-to-be-shared Ethiopian cuisine. The Dora Wat is spicy Ethiopian chicken stew popular on the continent and in the world.
The secret lies in the Berbere – a delicate spice blend – and the Nitter Kibbeh -local spiced butter. Of course, that is for the real stuff, and nothing forbids you from substituting these for other spices. Here how to prepare the traditional doro wat.

5. Ajvar – Macedonia

Macedonia is beautiful and its people are charming and welcoming. Even better, Macedonia celebrate Christmas after everyone; on January 7th. Which means that traveling to Macedonia, you will get presents from Santa twice!
Macedonia has a three-day Christmas celebration that involves bonfires, cheerful and playful moments as well as times for reflection. Posna, the Christmas Eve dinner is such a time. The menu is rich yet lean and particular since there are no “animal” food; diary or meat.
Instead, you could try the Ajnar, a dip made mainly of bell peppers and garlic. It is a popular dish in central Europe and in the Balkans. Recipe here.

6. Kentucky Fried Chicken – Japan

Chicken for Christmas; why not? This fact seemed odd enough for us to verify it. According to the Smithsonian mag, Japan has a fix for KFC on Christmas Day since 1974. No special kitchen skills needed here. Drive to the nearest KFC and order turkey nuggets if they have that on the menu whenever you are.