The Big List of Crazy Items TSA Seizes Daily

For many travelers, TSA is synonymous with body-searches, unnecessary stress, delays, and confiscating your belongings — but, screening almost 2 million air passengers daily means you’re bound to upset many. Yet,  the screenings result in an average of five firearms, and even more other types of prohibited items found in carry-on baggage each day. So, before you judge overzealous airport security agents, just have a look at the insane items they seize on a daily basis. You’ll be thankful TSA takes the time they do to keep us safe.


The fact that American passengers frequently try to travel with their guns is not a surprise. What is a surprise, however, is that so many people ignore the safe way to fly with firearms and ammunition. Simply put, the gun must be unloaded, declared, and properly packaged.

Spear guns

As a rule of thumb, anything that can be weaponized is best kept in a checked bag — including spear guns, which seem to be a very popular carry-on item.

Batarangs and other throwing knives

Sometimes, there are super heroes on the plane. Here, we have Batman, Deadpool, and Cat’s Eyes…

Sais, shukos and other ninja gear

Hmm… Looks like they caught Raphael…

Katana and Samurai sword

…. And Leonardo!

Death Star? (or whatever this is)

This one gives a whole new meaning to “Death Star”. Take that, Empire!

Explosive and inflammable items

Remember: anything that looks like real-life explosives or weaponry is prohibited.

Inert explosives and realistic replicas

These just ain’t gonna fly!

Yes, that is a real 60mm mortar shell!


Happy Fourth, America. But no! Fireworks are never allowed on planes, and that is just common sense. Really!

Stun phones

Don’t think this is just your friendly Hello Kitty mobile phone  this baby packs enough power to knock you out.

Stun canes

Just as ingenious as the mobile phone, the stun cane is an upgrade from the traditional sword cane. I bet the Daredevil wasn’t too far away.

Killer beauty accessories

Combs and hairbrush

Taking the concept of ‘looking sharp’ to a whole new level: a literal one.


The essential lipstick line for a true “femme fatale!”



This cannon is, in a TSA bloggers’ words, an “item [they] don’t see everyday”.

Antique dagger. Antique dagger stacked in a travel pillow.

Bear mace

You know… just in case you need to keep that invasive guy in the next seat at bay, and prevent him from taking over your personal space.

Live animals

Birds wrapped in socks

Some people get outraged by pat-downs, yet, it was an effective tool to spot and save two endangered birds wrapped in socks and strapped onto a traveler’s body. How often does this happen? More often than you’d think.