7 Things You Don’t Need In Your Travel Carry-on

When traveling to escape your daily life, avoid taking your bad habits along. First in order: your tendency to keep a little too much around. When preparing for a trip, many of us love to bring along things that we never end up using. Don’t get me wrong, it comes from good intentions: getting ready to face adversity. But, it often ends up being counterproductive and cumbersome.

If you are an expert traveler, chances are you are already taking the carry-on challenge. If so, you want to make the most of the limited space you have in your travel carry-on. For you, here are 7 common things you can start leaving behind.

1. Toiletries

To pass through TSA checkpoints, you will need to follow the 3-1-1 liquids rule. This limits how much of your precious gels, creams, and other grooming essentials you can travel with. For instance, you should avoid carrying shampoos, soaps, and body lotions. If your hotel doesn’t provide these, you surely can find some on sale at the local stores.

2. Linens

It is more common to see people carry their own towels than pillows, but we are getting there. Some push the limits and bring along their own bed sheets. Unless you booked a stay in the nastiest place in town, you should be safe using the complementary linens. That said, I am sure we all have some terrifying high-class hotel tales…

3. Occasional clothing

From tux, to gym clothes, to a second jacket, we all have that control freak of a friend who packs everything… just in case. Often, that case never occurs, and we end up with unused items taking the travel carry-on space needed to bring back souvenirs and such.

Also, it is wise to choose clothes that you can combine with others and wear more than once, for different occasions.

4. Books

I feel I am about to get lambasted by bookworms but here it goes: give up the physical book format for something electronic. It takes less space and you can carry as much as your device storage permits.

To be fair, it is often easier and more comfortable to read from a real book than a screen. In this case, avoid bringing along the whole library, nerd!

5. Gadgets

Again, there are some travel gadgets that we just can’t live without. Still, I don’t think a tripod, 50 shades of camera lenses, and that personal water filter count. There is a considerable amount of useless gadgets you just don’t need — despite what marketers tell you.

6. Valuables

A trip should not be a fashion show. If you do not need that flashy watch or that diamond ring, leave it home. A good rule of thumb is to only bring valuables you can carry on you at all times, as discretely as possible. You might have to leave your suitcase in your hotel room, and you don’t want to come back to find that you lost all your money or travel documents.

7. Sports goods

Don’t laugh. Although it is more common during family vacations, people do carry sports goods along with them. You will agree that the Frisbee or the soccer ball takes much needed space away from other things. Plus, keep in mind that many sports items will force you to check your bags in because you cannot take them into a plane.

A seasoned traveler packs light, and you should to. And if you hesitate to take the carry-on challenge, check out all the money, time, hassle you could be saving yourself. The first step is to know what you should bring along with you on a trip. When in doubt, take only things you will use daily, but that you can’t find at your destination. Safe trip!

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