Travel Gadgets to Add to Your Letter to Santa

Santa Claus is coming to town, and he never comes empty-handed… unless you’ve been naughty this year. If you haven’t, it’s time to start crafting that perfect letter to Santa. In your demands, be sure to include some of the hot travel gadgets adventurers and geeks alike want to have. To inspire you, here are 5 items to add to that gift list.

1. Adventure camera: GoPro Hero 4

The GoPro is a pro-grade camera trapped in a tiny box. The latest Hero 4 boasts top-class capture performance along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This is the ultimate travel gadget for adventurers and sportsmen.

2. Fitness Tracker

An activity tracker is the perfect travel gadget for the health-conscious. With their ability to track meals, steps, and sleep, never again will you be afraid you’re losing track of your fitness level. Better yet, they come in the form of energy-efficient wristbands that can auto-sync with your devices. Strap them on and forget them. From the Nike Fuelband to the Fitbit Flex to Jawbone Up, there is a lot to choose from. Which is best is an on-going debate and depends on what you value most.

3. Notebook

A tablet is good enough if you just want to stay connected and check internet from times to times. For anything like managing your bookings to working with media, you will need a keyboard. Every major brand out there has a thin, lightweight laptop offer. Apple has the powerful MacBook Air, Google promotes the inexpensive Chromebooks for heavy cloud users. If you rather have a hybrid -half-laptop, half-tablet-, here is the best one, according to Forbes.

4. Pocket Wireless Router

If you travel with a tablet or your extra slim laptop, or travel in a groups, the single internet cable the hotel provides might not cut it. You need Wi-Fi and fast! In this case, you would wish you had one of these so you could set up your own wireless connection. 2.5 inches long, .6 ounce heavy, the Asus WL-330NUL and the TP-Link TL-WR710N are must-haves under $50. If you rather have a newer travel routers, PC Mag has a nice selection.

5. Device Charger Bag

Put a definitive end to your constant search for power outlets when you are on the go. A laptop-charging bag is the travel gadget we have been dreaming of. Just think about it: charging your stuff while you carry them -plus they remain protected and well stored. They come in all forms and shapes; some are even solar-powered.

Of course, as this year hasĀ been the year of the wearable, you could include a smart-watch in this list. You will find many options out there and we are still debating which one is best. As travelers, we could also discuss their reliability as travel gears. Perhaps they would make better map readers or GPS trackers? What do you think?