Weekend Getaway: 5 Awesome Ideas to Try Right Now

What to do when you have a long weekend ahead of you and no idea on how to spend it? Of course, you could just hang out at home going through your Netflix playlist. But you really should plan a quick getaway that you, your family and your buddies will never forget. Here are five creative weekend getaway ideas to inspire you.

1. Go on a cruise

You do not have to book a cruise to go somewhere. In fact, there is nothing more awesome than navigating nowhere. Rent a boat and just sail. Pass the day or the night at sea. To make it even more interesting, host an epic party or fishing contest with your party. Even if you have no skills or knowledge in sailing, you can always hang in the marina and turn that boat into a home for your weekend getaway. It is common to see boats reconverted into houses berthed along famous waterways in the world. The firsts to come to mind are the Parisian Seine River and the canals of Amsterdam.

2. Consider a staycation

A creative weekend getaway idea is to go on an outing with your family or friends. There are many great destinations or attractions in your hometown or home state that you never took the time to discover. Some of these are more than worth visiting, and this is your chance to do so. Being a tourist in one’s own town can be epic. To make it a whole weekend getaway, consider staying at a quaint bed-and-breakfast in your area. And happy discovery!

3. Rent a house

Home is where the heart is. At least so they say. So what about renting a house for a night out somewhere exciting? A house rental for a weekend getaway give you freedom and the chance to experience something new. Play board game, explore the unknown, or spend time cooking and watching movies. It is all up to you.

AirBnb, HomeAway, and even Travefy offers awesome selection of house rentals. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

4. Plan a camping weekend getaway

It might sound like the most classic weekend getaway idea but there are many twists you can add to a camping out. First off, you can decide on just how rough you want it to be. Choose between the rustic cabin in the woods or the fully-equipped RV. If you want to step it up, experience glamping, as in glamorous camping, that is a real thing! Second, there is a myriad of activities available for he who wants to commune with nature. Fishing, swimming, and hiking are fun activities during the day; at night, grilling s’mores is always so much fun.

5. Work down your travel bucket list

Yes, you only have one weekend but it is a chance like any other to cross out destinations on your travel bucket list. Be it a road trip or taking advantage of cheap airfare deals, visit those places you always wanted to go. We have a great selection of must-see places in the US, and you can find even more places to visit using the search function at travefy.com.

Regardless of what you choose to do for your long weekend getaway, make it fun and on a budget. Also avoid these common, yet silly weekend planning mistakes at all costs. And you, what is your favorite weekend destination or activity?