Mysterious Monuments in America of Obscure Origins

The United States of America are as big as a continent — much to the joy of all road trippers and adventurers given all the wonders, marvels, and attractions there are to see. Among these, there are some that are crazy or obscure enough to excite the imagination. For instance, check out the following five mysterious monuments. Man-made or results of the paranormal? You tell us!

1. Coral Castle – Florida

It took Latvian-American Edward Leedskalnin about 28 years to complete this mysterious monument. When asked how he managed to do so all by himself, he replied “it’s not difficult if you know how”. All that we know for sure is that he valued his privacy, and worked in secret. He claimed to have used ‘perpetual motion’, something scientists consider impossible in practice. There are accounts of the massive blocks of rock floating light as balloons — is that how he managed to move this rock castle from Florida City to its current Homestead location?

2. The Georgia Guidestones, Georgia

Imagine this mysterious monument as the Ten Commandments for the future post-apocalyptic generations. On each side of its four upright granite tablets, the same message is written in eight languages — including Ancient Greek, Babylonian, Sanskrit, and Egyptian hieroglyphs. Behind this work is an entity known only under the pseudonym of R. C. Christian, the purpose to be guidestones for an Age of Reason. This mysterious monument has unleashed passion in conspiracy theorists and religious groups alike — some see a satanic relic, where others see the doings of the New World Order.

3. The House on the Rock, Wisconsin

Imagine a weird house sitting on the 60-feet-tall Deer Shelter Rock with glass floors overlooking a 200-feet-deep ravine. The weird thing here is not as much the architecture, as the attractions inside. This mysterious monument has themed rooms filled with spooky dolls, statues and other items, including a huge collection if Santa figurines and automated musical instruments. The most strange item has to be the indoor sea-creature looking carousel it houses. Freaky! The complex around the house is reminiscent of the work of famous American architect Frank Llyod Wright. It is a popular attraction in the Midwest, worth visiting for its attractions as much as the design.

4. The underwater pyramids of Rock Lake, Wisconsin

Rock Lake is a fantastic place to go bass fishing. But for those who seek world wonders, the place is more famous for its underwater “pyramids”. In fact, three pyramid-shaped mounds sit at the bottom of the lake. Men of science will tell you that these mysterious monuments are just the work of the Aztalan natives from times when the lake did not exist. However, you will also find conspiracy theorists happy to prove to you that these are signs of extraterrestrial activities on Earth. What is even weirder is that there aren’t any photographs of the sunken structures. Is it due to the murky waters or are people hiding something? The mystery is yours to investigate.

5. World’s tallest treehouse, Tennessee

Does God works in mysterious ways; or is it that zealots do crazy things in his name? Just look at this 97-foot-high treehouse inspired by a divine vision. In fact, Minister Horace claims a superior being asked him to build him a treehouse, and that the being will see to that he never lacks material. 19 years and 250,000 nails later, here stands a treehouse big enough to swallow a 12-foot-diameter, 80-feet-high oak… along with 6 surrounding trees. The structure is entirely made by one man, from salvaged scraps of wood overlapping in a harmonious chaos. Best part, the world’s tallest treehouse is free to the public to visit. Can I get an “amen”?

So the question remains — are these monuments entirely man made, or proof of paranormal activities? What other mysterious monuments are there in America they we may have missed?