5 Amazing Things to do in South Korea

South Korea is world-famous for its dynamic cities, misty mountains, and red-hot cuisine. Visiting this country will let you experience their amazing traditions and customs that are still intact despite the catastrophic Korean War.

South Korea is bursting with fascinating places to visit, eye-watering spicy foods to try, and feverish activities to do. Discover why South Korea is a popular stop on the international travel circuit. Here is a list of what you should do to enjoy your stay in this unexplored slice of East Asia.

1. Eat Galbi

After traveling from your country to this destination. The first thing that you should do is to try their delicacies. And one of the must-try foods in South Korea is Galbi. Enjoy this mouth-sized traditional Korean barbeque, served with greens. There are lots of restaurants in South Korea that offer delicious galbi. Check this list of the 10 most famous galbi restaurants to try.

2. Visit Palaces

Korea has a rich history and culture. Your trip to South Korea will never be complete without visiting their ancient palaces. Tour the five royal palaces from the Chosun Dynasty: Gyeongbok, Changdeok, Changgyeong, Gyeonghui, and Deoksu. You can walk to one palace from another or take their comfortable subway system. Be sure to witness the wonderful experience that is the royal guard changing ceremony.

3. Climb Mountains

70% of Korea’s landscape is mountainous, making climbing a must-try activity. The panoramic views from the top of the many mountains is breathtaking. Attempt the ascension of the Seoraksan, ukhansan, or Taebaeksan mountains. You could also tackle the Songnisan, Jirisan, Naejangsan, and Hallasan. You might meet and befriend some Korean hikers.

4. Visit the demilitarized zone

Referred to as the “scariest place on Earth” by Bill Clinton, this place attracts the most intrepid travelers. It offers a unique perspective of life between the two fratricide Koreas. The DMZ serves as a buffer zone between the two countries. Civilian access is strictly controlled, but some travel agencies make it possible.

5. Take a Trip to Loveland

South Korea has an erotic theme park located on the volcanic island of Jeju. Loveland is a tourist attraction perfect for couples who are on their honeymoon and visitors not afraid to blush a little. Jeju Island also called the “Hawaii of Korea” offers a scenic landscape with waterfalls and beaches. Go lay back on HyeopJae beach or hike the Halla Mountain, Korea’s dormant volcano.

There are lots of other things that you can do to enjoy your South Korean trip. Oh, that includes shopping with all the markets in the city. You can buy lots of stuff in reasonable prices. Go visit and explore the beautiful South Korea!

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