7 Must-See Places for a Dream Trip Through Austria

Austria is a splendid country with many natural man-made wonders; from waterfalls to beautiful parks to mountain heights. Visitors can explore luxury palaces, old cathedrals and exclusive events, festivals and treasures!

Did you know the world’s biggest emerald gem is in the Imperial Palace in Vienna? Do you want to see the house where Arnold Schwarzenegger was born? Are you ready to visit all 1,440 gorgeous apartments of the Schönbrunn Palace?

Pack your bags, say goodbye to monotony and hello to Austrian adventures.

Hallstatt, Austria
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What to see in Vienna?

The alluring magic of Vienna is in its contradictions. This “new old city” offers modern entertainment in a setting of classical architecture.

Vienna is also famous for its dancing balls, so be sure to pack a glamorous dress or costume and head to the Hofburg Palace.

Fantastic adventure in Flightsimulation & Flighttraining OG

If you like flying, Vienna’s flight simulator will make you feel like a real pilot. The attraction offers 3 great plane options: Airbus A320, Boeing 737 and the Helicopter Bell 206.

Modern equipment and a super sound system help bring this virtual experience to reality. This is your chance to take off and land a plane like a real pilot.

SSJ100 Flight Training Device
Photo Credit: Super Jet International via Flickr cc

Enjoy the city panorama from a 64m Ferris Wheel!

Vienna’s 64.75 meter Ferris wheel is your preferred seat for a panoramic views of the city’s skyline. Created in 1897, it was for a very long time, the biggest Ferris wheel in Europe, and remains a popular tourist attraction. Go in the evening when the city puts on its fairy colors.

Prater park, Vienna, Austria
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Meals and garden-strolls in the Rathaus!

The Rathaus consists of the city hall with a 340-feet tower and 1575 rooms. You will love the Wiener Rathauskeller restaurant with its baroque halls, and dainty to gourmet food. It homes during the winter days, the city’s Christmas market. Visits on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are free.

Photo Credit: Andreas Hallerbach via Flickr cc

Sharp-shooting in the LaserMaxx

Picture yourself as a policeman pursuing criminals! This laser-tag attraction is much fun for the whole family and you’d be wrong to underestimate this place. A tower of defense, a 3-meter-high platform, a sniper area and many other obstacles await you in LaserMaxx – Laser Tag Wien! Laser Tag fun in Austria

What to see in Linz?

Explore the attractions on the Danube river. They might give you a sense of the majesty of this ancient provincial capital of the Holy Roman Empire. You will find cathedrals, buildings, and a museum that will remind you of that glorious past! Austria Danube River

Win € 1,000,000 in Casino Linz!

Whether you are an experienced gambler or a lucky charm, try your luck in the Casino Linz. There are games to please all whims: Black Jack, Roulette, and others. Finish your evening in the casino restaurant. Casino Linz in Austria is a must visit attraction

Cultivate your mind in the Schlossmuseum Linz!

Various items of history and art make this place special. Explore prehistory in the building’s cellar. Upstairs are Roman and Middle Ages displays. There are many more exhibitions dedicated to architecture, science, and artifacts from WWI.

Schlossmuseum in Linz
Photo Credit: Andras Fulop via Flickr cc

Explore 4 unique labs at Ars Electronica Center!

This weird and interesting center is full of amazement. 4 unique labs revisit humanity’s past and imagine mankind’s future through 3D art and displays. You will love the exhibition with its exclusive items, learning material and lectures.

Fassade Ars Electronica Center
Photo Credit: Ars Electronica Center via Flickr cc

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