5 Weird foods You Won’t Dare to Eat

Every foodie knows that the presentation of a dish counts as much as it tastes. In fact, one could argue that it is the appetizing look that invites people to try it. But for the delicacies above, you will need to make abstraction of all your gastronomic preconceptions. So strengthen your stomach and sink your teeth in these weird food from around the world.

1. Stinking Tofu – Taiwan

It is all in the name. Few cuisines tolerate strong smells and Taiwan’s is among them. This fermented tofu has not only a strong smell but a strong flavor as well. To make this better, this street snack is often served with goose blood, mustard, and pork intestines. This weird food by Western standards is actually delicious and comes in various forms to suit all tastes.

2. Tiet Canh – Vietnam

Should you find yourself in the north of Vietnam, seek out this dish at all cost. This other weird food is a dish of meat soaking in fresh raw blood. The most popular form is made from duck. To be fair, as long as one does not know the composition, this dish looks delicious as it comes with the finest spices and condiments.

3. Sannakji – Korea

Would you dare eat this raw food? It consists of nakji, a small Korean octopus cut into small pieces and served right away, often with sesame. If you are craving fresh food, this is it. It is so fresh, the pieces are still jiggling on the plate. this weird food your favorite sushi dish, anytime!

4. Hakarl – Iceland

This national dish consists of shark meat left to hang and dry out for several months. The result is a fermented meat with a distinctive ammonia-rich smell and fishy taste. Hakarl is available all year round and a delicate part of most Icelandic meals. From the stanger’s eyes, it is still a weird food.

5. Haggis – Scotland

You might already associate sheep and Scotland. Well, the national Scottish dish is a pudding made from the heart, lungs and liver of the animal, mixed with spices and stuffed back into the animal stomach. Note that, unlike the other delicacies on this list, this one is left simmering for a couple of hours. Those who tried it keep the savory flavor rather than the gruesome description.

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How do you like the foods on this list? Which one would you try and which others would you suggest? Let’s keep the dice rolling, I mean mouths watering, in the comments below. And be sure to bug your taste buds with our world tour of insect-based delicacies.