5 Expensive Weekend Planning Mistakes You Should Avoid

3 days, 72 hours, weekends never last long enough. If you are planning a wicked weekend getaway, be sure not to organize things the same way you would for a longer vacation. To be smart, not only budget travelers have to save on money but also time. There are many pitfalls awaiting he who wants to spend weekend away from home. If you are one of them, here are the most common weekend planning mistakes you should never make.

1. Commit too early

First mistake to avoid when planning a weekend getaway is to book the hotel or the plane ticket too early. The thing is to make sure that you do not jump on the first deal you find without any chance to cancel. Check out these 7 essential lodging tips to always make the best choices when booking.

2. Book far from attractions

Remember: when weekend planning, every second counts. So, it would be a real mistake to stay too far away from the action. Imagine all the time and money lost in transport and getting around. Ask yourself, are lodging options outside of the city that much cheaper? With all the apps available, you could find a vacation rental or b&b that will suit your budget travel needs.

3. Go for layover flights

Layover flights should be cheaper. At least that is one common travel myth. The fact is that it is not always true. An app like Hipmunk has a search engine that takes the agony out of air travel. It might help you spend less time lost in connections.

4. Check baggage!

For a vacation or a weekend, a budget traveler should avoid checking bags. This must-read article shows just how much money you save every time you pack light. Learn to lighten your load to be happier on the road.

5. Pack your tourist clothes

Since we are at it, let’s talk a little more about the dress code for weekend planning. Save yourself time and avoid the constant trip to the hotel to change. Choose clothes that are comfortable for both urban exploration and nightlife.

Of course, basic travel tips still apply when weekend planning. That means that you should always research and map out your destination, and stay safe. What are your weekend planning secrets?