Couple Vacation: It Takes Two to Make a Trip Awesome

Being in a relationship for the first time feels divine. Spending more time with one another only strengthens the bond over time. And there isn’t a better way to add romance to your relationship than by going on a trip together. Here are valuable notes of advice that will make your couple vacation the most pleasant and memorable.

Couple Vacation Begins With Searching for the Perfect Place

Just as any other holiday trip, your first couple vacation task will be to choose the destination. Only, you will do it as a couple. Let it be a mutual decision. Both of you could list down your interest in places and choose a common one where you’d like to go.

Check for available lodging options in advance. Many hotels have special honeymoon suites if you plan to go right after your wedding. Otherwise, a vacation rental is perfect if the trip will last longer than a week. It offers more privacy and lets you enjoy your couple vacation at your own pace.

Plan Activities

A holiday will give you ample time to bond, doing things you both like. The Internet is your ally when researching things to do in your travel destination. You could also ask family and friends, or contact travel agents for advice. Remember that research and itinerary planning will help you get the best out of your visit in uncharted territory.

Should you decide on a coastal couple vacation, water related activities must top your checklist. Look for cruises, water sports, underwater explorations, and seafood tasting spots.

When planning, balance is key

A common mistake made by new couples is to plan as individuals and think your companion will be happy tagging along. You really should not do that. Plan as a team, things to do together. It will be a chance to know one another on a deeper level. What does your significant other like, what irritates them? Don’t ruin it all by letting our ego spoil the fun.

Schedule and Manage activities

Schedule activities in a time-effective way. You want to spend time together, shopping, partying, sightseeing, etc. This is where travel-planning skills come in handy. You could hire a travel agent to do it for you, or you could plan an awesome itinerary yourself using free tools. Check out this list of mobile and web apps that will turn you into travel planning wizard.

Plan a relaxed couple vacation, don’t plan to see everything, it is probable you won’t have time. Take advice from locals when planning, and always have a backup plan, just in case. How do you plan your group travel or your couple vacation?

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Antonia is an adventure enthusiast and an active blogger. She writes on behalf of Apartments Tel Aviv.