7 Weird Tourist Attractions You Would Want to See

Why do we travel? Often it is to witness all the wonders in this world. Among these marvels, some are incredible oddities. The following 7 weird tourist attractions are man-made. They are awesome and freaky at the same time.

7 weird tourist attractions you must visit

1. Johnson’s Giant Twine Ball – Darwin, MN

For reasons lost to mankind, Francis Johnson rolled a ball of Twine 4 hours a day for 29 years before he passed away. What he left the town of Darwin is a giant twine ball of 9 tons and 12 feet of diameter.

This weird tourist attraction is now known as the “World’s Largest Twine Ball Rolled by One Man”. Do mind the precision because Cawker City, Kansas, also has its giant ball that anyone visiting can add to.

Weird Tourist Attactions - Giant Twine Ball

photo credit: peachsmack via photopin cc

2. Gum Wall – Seattle, WA

Buried in Post Alley under the Pike Place Market, you will another weird tourist attraction. This gross masterpiece is the result of years of people sticking their bubble gums onto the walls of the alley. Be sure to add your own contribution to the wall when you visit.

Note that, just like the giant twine ball, there is another bubble gum alley in San Luis Obispo, CA. This one started in the 70s which makes it almost 30 years older than Seattle’s.

weird tourist attractions - seattle gum wall

photo credit: Ika-Ink via photopin cc

3. Isla de las Munecas – D.F., Mexico

Should you go on a romantic or boozed boat ride on the canals of Xochimilco, beware of this haunted island. The island has hundreds of old puppets, teddy bears, and toys hanging from its trees. This is a weird tourist attraction you just can’t miss when you visit Mexico City. Best time to visit is during the Golden Hour, at dusk: Goosebumps guaranteed!

weird tourist attractions - isla de las munecas

photo credit: La Lupe via photopin cc

4. Yunessun Spa Resort – Hakone, Japan

The hot springs of Hakone are among the finest in the world. Someone at this resort had the genius to turn them into themed and quite weird tourist attractions. Sure you will find traditional Japanese hot spring spas, but where is the fun in that? Instead dive into the Aegis Sea or Ancient Rome baths. Better yet, bath in wine, coffee, or green tea while sipping it with friends. Makes you wonder what they are waiting for to fill those baths with champagne as well?!

weird tourist attractions - wine spa

photo credit: horschmology via photopin cc

5. Panda Inn – Sichuan, China

You love pandas, don’t you? In fact, who doesn’t? Well, here is a cozy place to call home. The hotel is reason enough to travel to Sichuan. All its 30+ rooms celebrate the cute Chinese bear: from room art, to furniture to the personnel dressed in… panda suit. You have to admit that this everything-panda hotel is a heck of a weird tourist attraction and an unusual vacation stay.

weird tourist attractions - panda inn

Photo Credit: orythys via Pixabay

6. God’s Igloo – Mitterfirmiansreut, Germany

How far would you go out of devotion? Well, a century ago, the good people of this Bavarian village couldn’t have a church so they decided to build their own, out of ice and snow. In commemoration of that act of devotion or provocation, their descendants rebuilt it in 2011 with the benediction of the Church this time.

weird tourist attractions - ice church

photo credit: anaru via photopin cc

7. The Concrete Menagerie – Branxton, UK

Branxton, northern Northumberland, is home to an incredible concrete menagerie. Among the Savannah and farm animal statues, you might also stumble upon Winston Churchill. This weird tourist attraction was the work of a local master joiner, ‘Old John’ Fairnington who created it for his child. It is one of those oddities that bring crowds to small towns, and is the pride of the locals.

weird tourist attractions - cement managerie

photo credit: tigerweet via photopin cc

The Cadillac Ranch along the historic Route 66 or the giant tire turtle of Dunseith also deserved places on this list. What other weird tourist attractions do you know and would add to this list? Have you ever licked that gum wall in Seattle? Tell us all about it in the comment box below.

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