5 Fashion Accessories the US Gave the World

A while ago, we took a close look at fashion trendsetting accessories from around the world. If you haven’t read it yet, go here and enjoy. Who would have thought that Americans adopted their iconic denim from France? Better yet, we owe the Panama hat to… Ecuador?

Just to be fair and for fun, we dug out some fashion accessories the US gave the world. Here are 5 that surely became world fashion trends.

1. Amish Hat

OK! Nowadays, few people go around with these on their heads. Still, the Amish style should be reminiscent of John Lennon, the Beatles, and the 50s Rock and Roll. Dior, the French designer, attempted to bring the Amish hat back in 2011. Did the world catch on? You tell me.

2. Cowboy Boots

The British gave the world Wellington boots, the German created the Dr Martens, the US brought the cowboy boots. Whether you fit them over jeans or with your autumn dress, they are no longer just for ranchers and gunslingers. In fact, these boots have now become fashion accessories sported by the world. Show us the fancy stitches on your boots.

3. Aviator Sunglasses

We owe this fashion accessories to Tom Cruise and no one else. Ray Ban made this special sunglasses for pilots during World War II. After that, important figures such as Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney wore them. But sales soared after the 1986 blockbuster “Top Gun”. Today, a Ray Ban Aviator fetches for more than a $100.

4. Boat Shoes

Bermuda shorts, dress shirt and boat shoes: there goes an ageless male summer look. The story goes that Paul Sperry had the inspiration to cut zigzags on the sole of his shoes by watching his dog run on ice. From there the US Navy adopted the Sperry’s Top-Sider for its sailors’ garment. It became mainstream fashion accessories after appearing in Jaws (1975) and the Preppy Handbook.

5. Sagging

Yes, this is not an accessory but rather a fashion style. Also referred to as “low-riding”, it consists on wearing pants below the waist often revealing flashy undies. Sagging started trending thanks to 90s hip-hop culture and the baggy pants. Some see it as a symbol of freedom and counterculture. Others label it as a ‘dangerous’ self-expression to ban from schools and society altogether. Sure thing is that the pants are getting tighter and the waistline lower, but sagging is still trending around the world.

What other fashion accessories or trends should figure in this list? Which is your favorite? We want to hear all about it in the comment box below.