Tour Europe without Ever Leaving the USA

Have you been putting off your Europe tour for too long? Is a trip to Europe too expensive or is there not enough time to travel?

No problem! You live in the US, so you can see Europe here. How so, you ask? It turns out, within the country’s borders, Americans have erected monuments and whole areas that perfectly mimic popular tourist destinations on the Old Continent.

So wait no longer, let’s tour Europe together without ever leaving the US. This is an epic road trip that will take us from a French Chateau to the impressive Athenian Parthenon and more. Buckle up!

French Chateau: Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

Tour Europe by visiting an authentic French Chateau right here in the US. The Biltmore Estate, built at the end of the nineteenth century is a tourist attraction you must see. This architectural wonder boasts 250 rooms, European-style gardens, and a winery. The estate has a four-diamond inn so visitors can stay and go through all the in-house exhibitions. Give it a try!

The Eiffel Tower: Las Vegas

Just like people who cross the pond to tour Europe, you can also make the trip to Paris. Just head the City of Sins instead. Las Vegas has a small replica of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. There is your chance to take a travel photo pinching the popular French monument.

Bavaria: Helen, GA

Soak into the German culture in the small town of Helen. From brewpubs to pastries, you have all you need to reproduce the perfect Bavarian experience. Best time to visit? During Oktoberfest, one would guess!

Dublin: Savannah, GA

Until you finally visit the Guinness Storehouse, dive into the Irish brew culture right here in Savannah. Without much surprise, you can expect St Patrick’s Day to be a huge deal here. Also the town has its own Irish festival; one of the biggest in the whole country. Come experience Savannah’s Irish heritage. You will feel just like you are in Dublin’s Temple Bar district.

Tower of Pisa: Niles, IL

The leaning Tower of Niles mimics the Tower of Pisa to perfection. Built in the early 30s, the tower thrones in a park industrialist Robert Ilg constructed for his employees. The tower is now a public attraction and your chance to photo yourself holding the leaning tower of Pisa.

Athens: Nashville, TN

What do you know Nashville for? Probably for the Country Music Hall of Fame.

From now on, remember it as the “Athens of the South”. Forget Greece and head south if you want to visit the Parthenon. Built for the 1897 Fair, this full replica serves now as an art museum and the centerpiece of the Centennial Park.

Europe : Vieux Carré, New Orleans, LA

Founded by the French and designed like an English square with Spanish architecture, welcome to New Orleans’ French Quarter. Though it’s famous for Mardi Gras, it is also an important European melting pot. From famed Café du Monde to the French Market to the artful Royal Street, you will see every bit of the Old Continent in a stroll down the Vieux Carré. No doubt, you will make the infamous Bourbon Street your final destination.

There you go! We just visited 7 iconic European landmarks without ever leaving the US. If you want more inspiration for your Europe-themed road trip, check out this list of  26 US places that mimic popular world destinations.

Have you ever visited any of the destinations listed here? How was it, and which ones would you recommend? Can you guess which ones are on the Travefy’s bucket list? Ask us on Twitter or Facebook, we will tell you!