Are These Top 7 Bachelor Party Destinations Overrated?

It’s your bro’s last single days and you want to make it as epic as your bachelor lives. So you start looking for weekend destinations with a colorful nightlife. If your search didn’t bring up these 7 bachelor party destinations, you are doing things wrong. Or maybe right. Despite all the booze, party venues and other distractions, are these go-to choices still worth the trouble?

Best bachelor party destinations

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7. Cancun, Mexico

The only other Mexican spot that competes with Cancun is Cabo San Lucas. Both have great arguments to be the best bachelor party destination in Mexico. Visitors enjoy warm weather, exotic beaches, and top tourist amenities. But Cancun tops Cabo for its festive ambiance and well-known indulgence. Plus it has much more popular attractions.

Cancun beachside,  Mexico

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6. New Orleans, Louisiana

Make it in time for Mardi Gras, rent a private balcony and go with the flow. No worries if you don’t. All year round, Bourbon Street caters to the uninhibited crowds and party seekers. Popular landmarks include the Cats Meow, the Razoo bar & Patio and, of course, Pat O’brian’s bar. Eat at Cochon or go try your luck at Harrah’s casino. It’s not Vegas but the Big Easy‘s rep speaks for itself.

Bachelor party on Bourbon Street

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5. New York City, New York

Apples are the symbol of temptation and vice, and the Big Apple is no exception. New York rates high among bachelor party destinations. It has all sort of restaurants and bars, most open until 4 a.m. that cater to all tastes. The city that never sleeps will have you going until the break of dawn or until you drop. Only downside has to be the price of the hotels.

Bachelor party destination - The Big Apple

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4. Austin, Texas

This favored Spring Break spot is also a top bachelor party destination. Austin could be the US capital of live music and barbecue, exactly what you need for your entertainment. For the music, the Broken Spoke seems to be a good bet. For the food, Franklyn Barbecue and Sam’s BBQ won’t let you down. Of course, you can’t pass on the booze. Try a tour of the Jester King brewery or wander the 4th and 6th streets and the Warehouse District for your booze fix.

bachelor party destination - Austin Texas

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3. Montreal, Canada

The Canadian international hub tops the Northern bachelor party destination list. The City of Saints provides for all your gentleman needs. Sainte Catherine in Old Montreal has everything from clubs to casinos and beyond. Crescent Street and Boulevard Saint Laurent will quench your thirsts.

Bachelor party destination - the bar

2. South Beach, Florida

Sun bathing, bikinis, and plenty of drink to keep hydrated; isn’t it everything men seek in a bachelor party destination? Add to that list a couple of good nightclubs and waterfront bars and you should be complete. South Beach provides some of the sexiest spots in America and the nightlife venues are world-class. Big Pink and Prime 112 are mentioned for the excellent quality of the food. Start the party during the day at the Nikki Beach Club, continue in the evening at the LIV. If you didn’t drop when comes 5 a.m., head to Club Space.

South Beach, Florida

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1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Casinos, nightlife and lax laws make the perfect explosive cocktail. Sin City has to be the number 1 bachelor party destination. It has everything and anything for any party. Stick to the strip. There are plenty of high-rated hotels and attractions there to explore with your friends. I just hope your wing men have your back and can carry it in case you fall on the battlefield.

Las Vegas - Top bachelor party destination

While these bachelor party destinations are popular and preferred places, are they overrated? Aren’t there some low-key alternatives? Share your thoughts and suggestions with us. We enjoy reading you too.

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