Gym Tourism: Staying Fit on the Road

Any seasoned traveler knows how difficult it can be to stay healthy on the road. Hotel gyms are hit and miss, trips are often jam-packed, and there’s far too much awesome new food to not give into temptation. However, by hitting a new gym while hitting the road, you can try out unique activities you may not have available at home.

Today, we’ll look at some awesome gyms across the country that’ll make you want to make time on your trip to workout. Drop-in or one time sessions are available at all the gyms listed – because there’s no point in getting everyone’s hopes up over a gym that has restricted access. Next time you’re on the road, get your heart rate up by engaging in some gym tourism.

1. Ray’s MTB: Cleveland, OH & Milwaukee, WI

Any avid biker in a seasonal climate knows the pain of frigid temps and frozen trails over the winter. Ray’s MTB is looking to solve that problem, and do so in the most awesome way possible. Ray’s is an inside mountain and BMX bike track, with trails ranging from beginner to advanced. From hilly wooden tracks to authentic rock trails, this Nebraskan is pretty jealous of their setup. Ray’s is the perfect place to engage in some gym tourism – a first timer package, complete with bike rental, is available for $25.99.

Ray’s is open regular hours October-April, and open two Sundays a month the rest of the year.

2. Aqua: New York City, NY

Do you like cycling? Do you like swimming? Have you ever thought “man, I wish I could ride my bike in the water?” Okay, probably not – but luckily, Aqua has taken that thought and made it a reality. Aquacycling takes a spin class, and relocates it to the pool for an impact free, new twist on your average spin class. Their site boosts many benefits to cycling in water – though shockingly, “no one can see how drenched I am by the end of spin class” isn’t included. This is a women’s only gym — ladies can give underwater cycling a spin (ha!) for $34.

3. Bliss Paddle Yoga: Various Locations, CA

If you’re looking for a unique way to experience the ocean next time you venture to the west coast, look no further than Bliss Paddle Yoga. Classes at Bliss include an instructor-led paddle out to open water, where you’ll be led through a series of yoga poses on your board. Bliss has locations in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and San Diego and a single lesson with a paddle board is $39

4. Surfset Fitness: Various Locations

With locations that include Kansas, Pennsylvania, and Nevada, Surfset proves that you don’t need an ocean handy to reap the benefits of the total-body workout surfing supplies (though Sandpit Fitness in Overland Park  houses their Surfset machines in an indoor sandpit to make it feel a bit more like you’re on the coast.) Anyone who has ever been subjected to “surfer burpees” in a fitness class knows how brutal a surf inspired workout can be. Surfset features boards designed to mimic the feel of surfing, and classes offered range from core, to strength, to cardio.

5. Trapeze School New York: Various Locations (Despite the name!)

If you’ve ever sat at the circus and thought “I wish I could do that,” you can likely find a class at Trapeze School New York that will help you live out that dream. (That is, unless you’re really passionate about lion training.) TSNY offers classes in aerial silks, flying trapeze, static trapeze, lyra, trampoline, and balancing and acrobatics. Schedule a class on their online scheduler, then get to flying — no TSA lines required.

6. KiwiSweat: New York, NY + Various Locations

Ditch the gym, and check out the pop-up classes at KiwiSweat. All classes are paid for on a per-class basis, making it perfect for gym tourism. KiwiSweat puts on “fitness events” — ranging from yoga, to running, to bootcamp — that include a DJ in a unique location, making working out an experience. Their newly released KiwiSweat app also puts you in touch with instructors and unique classes throughout the country — a good resource in any gym tourism fan’s arsenal. Class prices vary, generally between $5-$20.

Gym tourism isn’t the only way to keep up your fitness routine while on the road — leave your favorite hotel workouts or traveling fitness tips in the comments.