These are the Dumb Laws You Break Everyday

Just for fun, let’s have a look at some of the craziest laws still in force in the US. You might come across them under the name “dumb laws”, and that is because they sounds too weird (and funny) to be true. You don’t believe me? Keep reading, you’ll see.

I discovered these “dumb laws” through the fantastic work of photographer Olivia Locher. Through her “I fought the law” project, she shed lights on a rusty American legal system with wit and aesthetics. It is your civil duty to know the Law and abide by it. Spare yourself the boring legal texts and let the civil education begin.


Did you know that it is unlawful to have weeds in your yard in Colorado? We can only suppose that, given the recent legalization of marijuana in the Centennial State, law makers will have to clarify what they mean by “weed”!


Are you traveling to Ohio, let’s say Cleveland to savor a Polish Boy or watch King James in action? If you stay the night, be sure never to “disrobe in front of a male portrait”. Now, how would this dumb law ever be enforced, unless Ohioans undress in public?

New Jersey

The Garden State is renowned for many things, but its soup is not one. Still, should you stop in a dinner and order a delicious soup, beware not to slurp it. It is unlawful!


Road tripping through Oregon must not be the healthiest activity in the state. The Beaver State prohibits testing your physical endurance while driving on the highway. I guess it is a crime to stretch sore limbs after hours on the road. Also, coffee, Mountain Dew, or Red Bull should qualify in Oregon as performance-enhancing substances. You are warned!


Kids love to follow trends, copy their favorite athletes or artists. Well, the Lone Star State does not allow young ones to have unusual haircuts. I wonder what haircut was trending when this law was voted but I am sure all popular hairstyles since the 50s qualify as “unusual”.


Pool biking is a real thing. In fact, it is a trending aquatic exercise. Jessica talked about it in yesterday’s blog post. Well, here is one trend that the Golden State will never see. Yes, it is felonious there to ride a bike in a pool.


The Nutmeg State could and should be the “pickle” state. Their dumb law stipulates that only bouncing pickles can be considered proper pickles. Can you find the loopholes in this dumb law? Anyway, now that you know this, if you visit Connecticut, have waiters drop your pickles before putting them in your food. It the law!

New York

A person may not walk around on Sundays with an ice cream cone in his/her pocket. Really, New Yorkers? Ice cream in pockets? I guess it is the most practical way to free both your hands to tie your shoelaces for instance. Too bad, it is forbidden. Funny fact this dumb law is similar to the one is Alabama, which Olivia Locher illustrated in her portfolio.


I kept the last close to home. Nebraskans are conservative; so much that they will jail you for sneezing or burping during a church service. If the offender is a toddler than the parents should do the time. So this Sunday, be a good citizen and help bring these lawbreakers to justice.

If your state is not featured here, look here for a complete set of dumb laws, each crazier than the other. Plus, check out the whole “I fought the law” series. From drinking wine in teacups to painting your lawn, we are all potential felons.