5 tips for Cheap Cross Country Moves

Cross country moves and overseas relocations don’t have to be expensive. With proper planning, they can be as low-cost as they are amazing ideas. In general, interstate removal process of a three-bedroom house can cost up to $1500. But why pay that much when you have ways to get it down and still have a good reliable move? A moving expert shared some great cost-saving tips for cross country moves.

Know the best time to move

First off, pick the right time to move. In the UK for instance, people prefer August to September for cross country moves. This results in higher pricing from busy removal companies. While it’s easier to move during the nice summer days, favor low peak seasons. The trick is to plan and keep taps on the season.

Don’t move the junk

Declutter is the essential first step in your cross country move process. Donate unwanted items to friends or organizations like the Salvation Army. Turn to garage sales and Craigslist if you rather sell them. For more options, check out this list of 10 ways to get rid of stuffs.

Split the costs

Share the truck with someone else who needs to make a cross country move like you. Bigger trucks costs more but if split between two, it becomes quite cheaper. Besides, you could also ask movers to combine your relocation with someone else’s in case you have not asked for specific moving dates. It could allow them to take your items in one direction and carry someone else’s luggage on their way back.

Ask around for quotes

To select best rates for your cross country move, ask for different quotes. These vary according to the services offered: packing, storing, cleaning, and damage protection. Compare these quotes to get an idea of the company that best suits your budget. Beware of rates much lower or higher than average, they are signs of the mover’s intentions. After choosing your service provider, request they visit your home. Make sure that you show them all the stuffs to move.

Pack with your own boxes

You can find cheap second-hand boxes. Make sure that they are strong enough to hold your items. It is important you choose decent boxes that will protect your valuables. Otherwise, choosing Removal Company to pack for you will be costly, as they use new boxes and charge their packing fee.

In short, having the right approach towards your cross country move can reduce its cost and make it more reliable. These tips should guide your thoughts as you plan your own move.

Author bio

Chester Theus is a removal expert by profession and a writer by passion. He writes on behalf of Ring4van Removals, a removal service based in London.