5 Meditation Retreats for Inner-Peace Seekers

Meditate, close your eyes, and open your heart to the world. Quiet your mind enough to hear the subtle music of your heart. To escape the stress of life, we travel, practice yoga, or hike. Yet, when was the last time you enjoyed a moment of peace? Worldwide, there are meditation retreats where peace-seekers go to rediscover themselves. But you don’t have to travel to India or Tibet to rediscover yourself. We selected for you 5 of the top rated meditation and Yoga centers right here in the US. Namaste.

Meditation retreat

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1. Spirit Rock, California

It is the place for those who “understand mindful living”, reads an online review. Located in Woodacre, California, this meditation retreat teaches the Buddhist practices of vipassana. It focuses on walking and seating meditation under the strict observance of silence.

Finding peace in meditation retreat

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2. Ala Kukui Meditation Retreat, Hawaii

Walk the “path of Illumination” where the “heavens meet the earth”. This meditation retreat sits on the picturesque coastline of the Maui. After all, there can’t be a more beautiful place to find your inner self than in paradise. The teachings follow the purest Zen tradition of spiritual restoration through slow-pace living.

Meditation retreat in Ala Kukui Maui

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3. Kripalu Center, Massachusetts

If you are more of a yoga person, consider a stay in this former Jesuit seminary. Learn the art of “meditation-in-motion” and follow the flow of your own life-force energy. The end goal is to achieve inner peace through self-acceptance and holistic living.

Bird sanctuary and meditation retreat

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4. Shambhala Mountain Center, Colorado

Explore your inner universe and over 600 acres of mountain fields, streams, and gardens. The retreat boasts a bird sanctuary, meditation halls, and the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya. It also offers lodging for those who seek enlightenment through self-awareness and yoga.


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5. Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, California

Find inner harmony, the Soto Zen way. The teachings include not only Buddhist practices but also gardening and the Japanese tea ceremony. This meditation retreat has organic farms and gardens for teachings and workshops. It also serves as a monastery, guesthouse, and conference center.

Green Gulch Zen Center

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There are many reasons to travel. Finding oneself might just be the most rewarding journey there is. Have you ever been to a meditation retreat? Share your experience with the rest of us.

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