Visit Scotland for a Holiday to Remember Forever

Scotland is a beautiful holiday destination. Fact. It also has a particularly well developed tourism industry. International guests enjoy top-notch services, quality hotels, and amenities.

Established Service Sector

Thanks to a concerted effort by the “Visit Scotland” campaign, the country welcomes close to 20 million yearly visitors. Scotland has a reputation for unspoilt natural beauty, as well as a long and fascinating history. There are several international airports and good roads linking the major cities.

The Sights to See

Scotland abounds of historic castles and battlegrounds, scenic landscapes and other wonders. Wild coastline, lochs and mountains; the views are always spectacular, whichever way you look.

The culture of Scotland is fascinating: tartans, kilts, bagpipes, and haggis. Add to the list the infamous Loch Ness monster! Plenty of people claim to have seen it. Will you be the next?

Getting Around Scotland

Coach Trips are among the best way to get around. Plan things you want to see and let others do the driving! Consider taking part in an organized tour, especially once in the Highlands. Roads become narrow, winding and need experienced navigation.

Cosmopolitan Cities

If you prefer your holidays with a little less blue sky and green mountains, the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh are both vibrant choices year round. They are both great shopping centres and cultural attractions. Their museums and galleries are among the most impressive you will ever see.

Scottish cuisine is also growing in reputation. So, be sure to try it in one of the many stylish restaurants available.

Best of Both Worlds

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland while Glasgow is by far its largest city. From either, you will have a real feel for the city and remain close enough to the ‘wild’ Scotland and its charming landscapes.

Wherever you choose to visit on a guided tour, be sure to take in all the little anecdotes from your guide; it all adds to the mystery. Do clouds go black every time someone named Campbell crosses Glen Coe? Why is it the site of one of history’s most infamous massacres? Your guide will love to share these stories.

However, as your holiday pans out, we are confident once won’t be enough. See you again soon!

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