Instagram: Travefy Starts With a Photo Contest

Great news everyone: Travefy is live on Instagram! Join us now and let’s build a great photo-sharing community. Millions of Instagram users are painting a visual masterpiece. That great collage tells daily life stories seen through the creative lenses of ordinary people. Travefy wants to add to that canvas but we want it to be all of you and your work. To get started, we throw a photo contest, and here is how it works.

How it works

Are you on an adventure in your backyard or miles away on the most picturesque place ever? Instagram it, and make sure to:

  1. follow Travefy on Instagram;
  2. tag @Travefy;
  3. add #travefoto to the photo so we can spot you;
  4. tell us a bit about the location or the situation of the shot.

Instagram submission format

We accept almost everything: selfies, inspirational quotes, landscape panos, videos, collages, among other things. Use all the filters and effects that you want. Instagram only judges you on your creativity, originality, and clout. Luckily, for the latter, we don’t! Just keep it safe for everyone to eye.

Everybody is a star

Every day, we will repost the best submission to our Instagram feed with full attribution to the author. “Best” means the one that had the most likes, or was the team’s choice. We might even post them to our other social media accounts. At the end of each week, we will feature them in a special blog post.

We will give you insider’s look at things happening at Travefy if you, in return, share your jaw-dropping photos to our feed. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Let’s write the book of our fantastic lives as travefans. Follow us on Instagram: @travefy. Happy snapping everyone.