Acquisition of Tripeese: News Digest

Last Monday, Travefy announced the acquisition of Tripeese. Since then, many news outlets have covered this exciting announcement – It even spanned past the US borders.

Here is a quick press review with a focus on why this is good news for us travel fans.

Acquisition of Tripeese

The official news release.

PRWeb published the complete news release of the acquisition of Tripeese. It includes short descriptions of both startups, and comments from their respective founders. Click here for the full Press Release.

Growth hacking

Fast Company sees the acquisition of Tripeese as a unique path to growth. The article gives the floor to the founders of both companies to explain the logic behind the merger, and the challenges ahead. Read the full article here.

United we stand

Per Skift, the acquisition of Tripeese highlights Travefy’s ongoing efforts to build a stronger brand in the group travel-planning niche. It is a matter of joining forces in pursuing a shared vision. Read the full article here.

Looking at the numbers

Tnooz focuses on the numbers behind the merger. Read the full article here.

Other news outlets carried the information:

The take from Travefy’s acquisition of Tripeese

This is two startups coming together to pursue a common goal: build the easiest group travel planner possible.


What this means for you!

What it means for end users? The promise of a hassle-free group travel planning and expense management. As Travefy grows, so will its understanding of consumer needs, leading to a product that will create value for users.