Cleveland: Top 10 Must-See Attractions

The news hit the twittosphere like a quake: LeBron James is back in Cleveland. The first to highjack the info was the Cleveland tourism industry. Maybe, like Drake, you support players and you will follow the prodigal son back to C-town. If you plan to visit Cleveland, know that there is more to the North Coast than the Cavs and King James. Here is our top list of things to do in town.

Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame

There is a reason why Cleveland is also called the Rock and Roll Capital of the World. The music industry celebrates its finest entertainers there. More than just a museum, it is years of music legend spread over six floors of multimedia excitement. Music lovers could explore it days without unveiling all its rarities and unique pieces of exhibition.

Cleveland Botanical Garden

Glasshouses and gardens on about 10 acres for you to explore. From the Japanese to the rose and children gardens, enjoy a burst of seasonal colors to lighten up your trip to the “Forest City“. The Botanical Garden is a destination for children and the green-cautious travelers.

USS Cod Submarine Memorial

This beast of the American naval fleet floats on Lake Erie as a memorial to our glorious naval history since World War II. The USS Cod is now a historic landmark and a must-see for all true patriot.

Lake View Cemetery

Why on Earth would you visit a burial place, you say? First because, above all, it is a series of gardens with monuments in a pure Victorian English style. Second, it is your chance to pay tribute to John Davison Rockefeller and James Abram Garfield, the 20th US president. Convinced?

West Side Market

It is one of the oldest running marketplaces in the country. With many successful renovations over the years, and a large variety of goods offered, the market is a fun place to visit and shop.

FirstEnergy Stadium

While all the hype is around LeBron James, he is not the only big thing hitting Cleveland. In another sports, the Cleve’s Browns just drafted Johnny “Football” Manziel. Football fans are excited about this new acquisition, and so is the city’s tourism industry. Surely, a point of touristic interest would be to attend a Football game on top of the Cavaliers’ one.

A Christmas Story House

The youngest might not know this 1983 American Christmas comedy. For the rest, know that you can visit Ralphie’s house. And yes, the leg lamp is sitting by the window. The actual house went through various renovations and now serves as a museum. It would be a shame not to visit.

Playhouse Square Center

Before LeBron and before Manziel, this was part of the pride of the North Coast. With nine individual theatres, Cleveland considers its performing arts center to be second only to that of New York. Built in the 20s, it survived demolition in the 70s. Renovated ever since, it is now the set for over a thousand annual events.

Little Italy

You will fall for the Old World charm of the Murray Hill, home to Cleveland’s Italian-American population. Not only will you have a chance to taste some of the best Italian dishes, you could also visit the first restaurant ever opened by Chef Boyardee. Worth a detour.

Polish Boy Eatery

Bite into a Polish Boy. But do not take it literally, and pull a Suarez. We are talking about the kielbasa sausage sandwich native to Cleveland. It would be a shame not to try this local delicacy. It is a sandwich topped with cabbage, barbecue sauce, and French fries. Many reviews name Freddie’s Southern Style Rib House as the best venue to taste an authentic Polish Boy. Another sure bet for a venue would be celebrity Chef Michael Symon’s Lola Bistro.

We overlooked all the fun nautical activities offered on the Lake Erie and the other popular attractions like the zoo or the opera. We didn’t even mention the Cav’s game at the Quickens Loans Arena just because we all know you the tickets will not need promotion to sell out. One thing for sure, the biggest winner in the signing of LeBron James and Johnny Manziel is the Cleveland’s tourism sector.