Going All Out: Bachelorette Party in Portland, Oregon

Explore this real life bachelorette party in Portland, OR, and discover ideas you can use to organize a fun family getaway in Oregon.

All relatives could attend this wholesome bachelorette/bridal party. It is a lovely afternoon of family-focused bonding and would be wonderful for anyone who wants to use their bachelorette celebration as an opportunity to spend quality time with older family members.

Hailee and Paulo met at a wild costume party in college, but have since mellowed out and settled into their grown-up selves. For her bachelorette, Hailee wanted a tame, classy affair that would be fun for older members of her family. She explained to her friend Carol how she envisioned the event, and Carol organized all the details. The main event was a midday bridal shower at Hailee’s childhood home in Portland, Oregon where her parents live. Twenty to thirty of her female relatives were there to celebrate this occasion. The women prepared a game where they tested Hailee about how well she knew Paulo, and then each gave her a gift of lingerie. A dinner at a trendy Portland restaurant followed the shower. Advice from one of Hailee’s college friends attending: “Love the person you’re supporting and have fun. Be nice to everyone.”


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