10 Grilling Tips for Great Meat Every Time

Happy Independence Day. A cookout with friends is always a great way to celebrate July 4th. Chef or guest, you do not want to ruin the celebration with dry out meat. Here are 10 grilling tips to make sure your meats are always juicy and savory.

1. Preheat!

The key to successful grilling is to get that the right temperature. General rule: allow a gas grill 10-15 minutes to warm up, and give twice more time for a charcoal barbecue.

2. Meat choice matters

Some argues that cowboy meat best for home barbecue. Regardless, choose meat with a little fat to keep them moist and delicious. That moisture matters. Keep it under control and don’t hesitate to brush the meat with oil as necessary.

3. Be consistent

To max your own efficiency, make your cuts as similar in thickness as possible. Having many cuts on a grill is easier to manage if you know they all have the same cooking time.

4. Prepare right

Buy condiments ahead of cookout time. It goes for your famous homemade barbecue sauce ingredients as well. Preparing a good sauce takes at least 50 minutes, so organize accordingly.

As for that meat, marinades are the best way to tenderize it. Remember that it takes at least 30 minutes (to up to a day) for efficacy.

5. Gear up

Invest in the proper gear every grilling chef should have. The essentials include mitts, spatula, brushes, and tongs. Add that a safe lighter, a funny apron, and a meat thermometer and you should be good to go.

6. Warm it up

Take that meat out of the fridge at least half-hour before the grilling. All the pros tell that the meat should be at room temperature for best grilling results.

7. Fast and furious grilling

High heat will cook your meat quick and to perfection, as long as the cuts are thin enough. Cook thicker parts more slowly over medium heat with the grill lid down.

8. One grill, two fire zones

The idea is to have both a high heat and cooler zone. Grill in the first area and finish the cooking in the second.

9. Don’t overdo it

Don’t let the meat burn. Coal flares will ruin the quality of your food. It is more of charcoal-barbecue problem than gas. Also this is why an instant-read thermometer is so essential. It assists in getting your cooking right every time. Here’s is a quick guide to assist you on this task.

10. Cool down and serve

Allow a couple of minutes for the grilled meat to cool down: juice will spread back into it, unleashing tenderness, and flavor.

Last pieces of advice. Clean that grills before the grease sticks. It’s hygienic and will prevent the sticking leftovers of your last cookout from spoiling this one. Also, add some veggie options to the menu, these make excellent side-dishes.

Happy anniversary, America and enjoy the fireworks.