Make Father’s Day Truly Special

Happy father’s day! I really do hope you have something special planned for dad. And I am not talking about the traditional morning call or the family meal. No. I mean something really outstanding that will mark the day. Well it is not too late. Here are some father’s day ideas that might just earn the title of “greatest child ever”.

Foodie Goody

Today happens to be Sunday, which is just perfect for a little brunch. Seek out a brunch deal in town (Opentable is a good place to start) or try out one of these home recipes.

In case the brunch isn’t your thing, try a Tex-Mex. It will certainly spice up the feast. A more high-end option would be a steakhouse. Appetizers, grass-fed meat and other rib eye roasts served with a fine wine, who could resist? I would also add a cigar and spirit place to the list, to take some more time out in the evening.

Brewery Tour

You don’t have to drive the whole way to Milwaukee for a good ale. With the rise of the microbrewery movement, local producers offer tours and tasting venues. Enjoy the day with dad sampling the best craft beers in your area. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the staff, they will surely gladly educate you on the story behind their label and the unique processes that make the success of their different products. Locate and visit a brewery nearby. You will not regret it.

Golf Getaway

It might seem a little cliché but, hey! Golf is a gentleman’s sport. And contrarily to accepted believes, it is still quite popular in the US. Drive down the green, enjoy some strokes and ride a cart down the fairways. You could even plan an outing to one of those golf resorts if it’s not too late.

Otherwise, look out for father’s day golf-themed gifts.

Sports Venues

There are so many summer activities. It would be a shame not to take advantage. Go on an outdoor adventure, hiking or biking. Else, baseball and softball are also popular season sports. Savor hot dogs and beer. And like the song goes, it doesn’t matter if you never come back.

Even if you decide to stay home, the soccer World Cup and the NBA finals will offer plenty talking points for true sports fans.

Male Spa Treatment

Last on the list: a spa. It might take some convincing, you say? Maybe, but everyone needs a little pampering sometime. Plus, he could always pass on the waxing and stick to the massage: deep tissue, Swedish therapy, soothing back treatment and many more options. By time he gets out, he’ll forget all about those sore muscles and that recurrent back pain.

Whatever you chose to do today, let it be grandiose. Make sure dad knows this is his day and let him feel special about it. Happy father’s day!