5 Adrenaline Packed Father-Son Outings

A father-son outing could not be complete without a healthy dose of adrenaline. Non-traditional activities like a motorcycle road trip or a paintball tournament get the heart pumping. In fact, Psychology Today describes adrenaline as “the Energy Molecule”. The release of epinephrine creates a surge in energy and exhilaration. Forget watching a baseball game or fishing in silence. Have an unforgettable adventure instead. The following five adrenaline packed father-son outings will create bonding memories that will last a lifetime.

Fathering Adventures

Consider an outdoor retreat for fathers and sons. Individuals, communities and states are organizing camps and other resources to support responsible fatherhood though basic parenting coaching. Bond with your child. Get to know each other on a deeper level. Share extreme experiences. Imagine a weekend of camping, hiking, dirt biking, kayaking or water rafting in the wildest regions of the country.

Motorcycle Road Trip

There is nothing quite like the freedom of the open road. Take your son along for the ride by planning a weeklong adventure with no clear destination in mind. The Harley-Davidson Ride Planner maps your road trip and shows you hotels, points of interests and events that are along the way. Also, have a look at this list for selection of free tools for road trippers If you’ll be roughing it in the great outdoors make sure to load up with comfortable helmets, some sunscreen, a high-quality tent big enough for two, water and plenty of granola bars. You can tie the larger items to your bike with a bungee cord and place the smaller ones in a saddlebag. However, for less experienced motorcycle riders, staying close to home might be ideal. Dads and sons can choose a motorcycle trip in their area through the Motorcycle Roads website and turn a road trip into a daytrip.


What man would not love to drive a real NASCAR racecar? This is an excellent father-son outing since it is suitable for both younger and older boys. This driving experience is available at different speedways through the U.S., provided by great companies such as NASCAR Racing Experience, Exotics Racing, or Racing adventure. The list is long. Options range from a 3-lap shotgun ride with a licensed professional to a day and a half, six-session tournament. Both dad and son will enjoy this high-speed thrill.

Paintball Tournament

There are so many paintball events throughout the country. Be on the lookout. Dads and sons can join a team in their area and compete against groups from other states. Teamwork is an essential part of paintball and a great way to strengthen that special father-son friendship. Register your team and stay in the loop for future championship events.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Rock climbing can be a difficult sport for beginners. Fortunately, indoor rock climbing gyms make it simple and fun. Look for a rock climbing facility close to you. If you enjoy this activity, you could easily turn this exciting father-son activity into a weekly tradition.

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