10 Summer Drink Recipes to Beat the Heat

Keep your sunscreen close and drink even closer because summer is (FINALLY!) here. Weather forecast? Nothing but hot and sunny days ahead. So whether you are entertaining guests by the barbecue or just kicking it in the back yard, here are ten summer drink recipes and ideas that will liven it up.


Nothing beats the heat on a hot summer day like a fresh ice-cold glass of lemonade, except maybe the San Antonio Spurs. (Pure divagation. Sorry!) It’s a season classic so please stick to traditions and use freshly squeezed lemons.

Lemonade stand

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Ice Tea

Another must for the high temperature days. Modify it a little by infusing oranges into it.

Orange ice tea

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Cream Soda

Club soda, cream, chocolate syrup and a little imagination to mix it all to your taste. That’s all you will need to make your own Italian cream soda. Try variants such as incorporate strawberry and coconut milk instead of the chocolate.

Italian cream soda

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Stay cool and healthy with a smoothie. And while you are at it, go green with this Pineapple and mint recipe. Enjoy!


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Pisco Sour

This cocktail gets its name from the subtle blend of the Chilean signature liquor with lime juice. The original recipe includes egg whites and the Amargo Bitters, but often times for convenience, the egg white is omitted and Pisco replaced with white rum.

Pisco Sour

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No need to hit the bars. Some tequila, triple sec and lemon juice and you are set. Almost. For a little summer twist, combine strawberries to the mix and lay back.

Margarita with lime

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Invite peaches, strawberries, melons and mangos to come dance Mambo in a pool of rum for your private entertainment, in this summer fruit version of this Cuban cocktail. To be savored with a good book by Ernest Hemingway by the sea and the sun will never set. Promise.

Strawberry daiquiri

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Add a little spice to your fruit punch with a little wine and treat your taste buds to an Iberian trip. This cocktail normally consists of red wine (hence its name which means “bloodletting”), a sweetener, chopped fruits and brandy which can easily be substituted with Sprite. Be original and try the cucumber sangria.


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I was in Mexico and I ordered beer. So I thought. What the bartender absolutely blew my mind. Ever tried adding lime juice and hot sauce to your favorite Mexican lager? You really should. And I’ve found a great collection of michelada recipes to spice up your drink. Literally.


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This cocktail has Brazil, sunny beaches and summer fun mixed into it, along with cachaça and lime for the original recipe and some raspberry for a variant version.


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