The Hypnotizing Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

“Every mountain peak is in reach if you just keep climbing”Barry Finlay

Mt. Kanchenjunga is the highest peak in India and the third highest in the World. It remained unconquered until 25th May, 1955, when Joe Brown and George Band climbed the peak for the first time. While it is almost 58 years since it was first ascended, but still many trails and paths of the summit remain unexplored. The entire trekking trial is splurged with hauntingly beautiful sights that engulf your body and soul through their enchanting and melodious beauty.

The entire belt is rich in bio diversity with the discovery of new varieties of trees, shrubs, rhododendrons and orchids on a rise. The region is a blessing for botanists and nature aficionado. The trial to Rathong Glacier starts from Yaksum. Yaksum was the capital of Sikkim until 1641 AD. The name of the hamlet means ‘the meeting point of three Lamas’. The entire place echoes with an undefined mysticism and the monasteries that are sprinkled throughout the trekking route have helped Tibetan Buddhism to flourish.

Every point on this trek has something special to say. The next check point is at Bakhim at an elevation of 9,000 feet. All through the way you traverse through the dense Rhododendron forest which has specially structured log trail to commute. Surrounded by Orchids and the entire village of Bakshim covered in mists- the trek presents myriads of nature. It is such a breathtaking moment that you will seize in the moment forever. One can see untamed wild horses and yaks grazing and running around every morning, and evening. The timing of such events is so surreal that you will forget the routine bound chaotic life of cities.

One crosses more beautiful villages like Dzongri and Chamaray to finally reach the breathtaking Laxmi Pokhari Lake. The view of the peaks of Mt. Kanchenjunga will simply leave one agape in wonder. The most spectacular moment of the splendid Kanchenjunga Trek of Sikkim is watching the sunrise at Laxmi Pokhari. It will rejuvenate all the lost sparks in your life by its exquisiteness.

From Laxmi Pokhara, the destination is not too far. While traversing across Bikhbari, Chaurikhang and other little halt points one is swept of one’s feet by the view of mist covered mountains decorated with Buddhist praying flags, virgin valleys which still awaits to be inhabited. On a clear day, one can get a glimpse of Samiti Lake. The trek to Goecha La pass commences from the Lake.

Chaurikhang is the last halt before you reach Rathong Glacier. Rathong Glacier is also known as the Kanchenjunga Base Camp. One gets simply hypnotized by the vista of the grandeur of the peaks of Kanchenjunga. Mostly people hike up to the near-by peaks or just laze off and relax while they enjoy the view. Renok Peak at an elevation of 15,500 feet is the most travelled peak from the base camp. The entire area is covered with snow, which provides a very mesmerizing view to treasure throughout one’s life.

Sikkim Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek provides you with an experience which is hard to compare with any other trial. Though it may be nothing in comparison to Mt Everest or K2, but the trek to the Base Camp is more traversed. The entire landscape, the beauty of hamlets, the echoing spirituality, the blooming rhododendrons, witnessing priceless orchids and being close to nature and wildlife seems like a fairy tale come true. All the above reasons do and the topography of the region makes the trek neither too easy nor too hard, but just trek able.

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