Five Tips for Planning Group Travel

Preparing for a group trip of any size can be a daunting task. There are a lot of different opinions and interests to consider. Here are a few tips for planning group travel to get you started on the right track when putting together an itinerary for your next group trip.

1. Designate a Group Organizer

A group organizer will be responsible for planning the primary details of your trip. He or she will also be your go-to person throughout the trip. This should be someone who is organized, detail oriented, and decisive. He or she should also be a good mediator in the event of any disagreement among group members. It is important for this point-person to delegate some tasks to other group members as well.

2. Be Flexible

Prior to setting out on your trip, the group should have some structure to its itinerary. You should also have a basic plan of action for your group travel. However, it is just as important to allow some wiggle room for unexpected adventures along the way. Try not to create a schedule that is so packed it forces the group to miss out on a new theatre production or an interesting restaurant. Also, it is a good idea to leave some blocks of time open throughout the trip so that individuals have a chance to explore some things on their own – just be sure to have a means of emergency communication with other group members.

3. Travel by Bus

If your group is touring within the United States, you may want to avoid the stress of airports by traveling together by bus. There are several options for groups looking into this mode of transportation. Megabus and Greyhound are two budget-friendly options, while groups traveling for a family or class reunion may want to look into hiring a charter bus, as this option offers more privacy as well as the convenience of choosing your own departure times.

4. Save Money with Free or Low-Cost Attractions

It can be tough to travel within a budget no matter how big or small your group is. Locating a few free attractions beforehand can really help you stretch your dollars (or pounds, yen, euro, etc.). Going for a hike or a scenic bike ride is a fantastic way to experience a new place without shelling out a lot of dough. Apps like TravefyRoadtrippers and Plnnr can help you find affordable attractions along the way as well.

5. Ask the Locals

This tip is not unique to group travel, but it is important to remember when visiting a new destination. Nobody knows a place like the people who live there. So don’t be afraid to ask a local’s opinion on the best restaurants, hiking trails, theatres, etc.

About the Author:

Emily writes on behalf of Elite Coach, a charter bus company located in Ephrata, PA. Elite’s convenient coach services help eliminate the stress of group travel, so you can enjoy the adventure from start to finish.