7 Best Adventure Sports in Dubai

While tall buildings and world class shopping malls are the hallmarks of Dubai, tourists are also flocking to Dubai for adventure sports. There is an enormous variety of activities one can partake in all of which are thrilling.

Read on to discover the 7 best adventure sports in Dubai!

1. Skydiving

Dubai’s skyscrapers are famous around the world. These buildings have a unique look and visitors feel like they are floating in the air –  a mesmerizing experience you will never forget.

Just imagine experiencing a free fall from the top of these buildings or heights above from a plane. And the best part of Dubai is the weather is perfect for skydiving.

2. Desert Safari

Despite the skyscrapers and malls, don’t forget that Dubai is in the middle of a desert. To add another feather to your cap, go for a Dubai Desert Safari. Enjoy the wonderful experience of driving on sand dunes in off-road vehicles with your loved ones. For solo riders, bikes are also available. There are many companies that arrange desert safaris of various lengths. 

3. Desert Camping

Desert Camping is another unique adventure activity tourists love. It is an experience unlike anything else. For the ultimate experience, it is best to camp with experienced campers or a tour group. 

4. Water Sports

Water sports are among the most popular activities in Dubai. Tourists come from every corner of the world for Dubai’s growing selection of pools, water slides and parks, and more!

5. Mountain Biking

The Al Hajar Mountains are situated in the east of Dubai, which provides you an opportunity to enjoy world class mountain biking. On your ride, you will encounter mountain goats, lizards and wild donkeys among other animals.

6. Motorsports

If you’re staying in Dubai, you can’t miss the endless parade of exotic and luxurious sports cars. Not surprising, motorsports are a popular adventure activity here. If you love driving high-octane cars, you’ll love this passion of Dubai. To be safe, you can rent super-cars at the Dubai Autodrome and work with insturctors in a safe environment. 

7. Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing has been growing in popularity in Dubai for the past decade. With close proximity to the Al Hajar Mountains, there is no reason to not explore desert and mountains in one amazing vacation.

About the Author:

William Smith is a travel blogger who writes on behalf of  XClusive Tours. He has visited Dubai several times and knows this place inside out.