5 Events You Cannot Miss This April

April is bringing a lot more than showers this year. If you’re looking to travel and try some new things, this is your month! Here are some events you cannot miss this April:

1. Coachella: April 11-13 & 18-20: 

This three-day music and arts festival started in 1999 and becomes more and more popular each year. Located in the Colorado Desert, the lineup for the concert includes acts by Nas, Beck, Outkast, and Bastille. Tickets usually sell out pretty fast, so be sure to get yours ASAP!

2. Songkran Water Festival: April 13-15: 

Relive your childhood with the world’s largest water fight! Songkran marks the Lunar New Year in Thailand. Water is used to bathe images and statues of Buddha, and children pour water over the hands of their elders out of respect. During the festival, people throw water balloons, shoot water guns, and even spray each other with hoses!

 3. New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival: April 25-May 4: 

Celebrating its 45th anniversary, Jazz Fest celebrates the city’s connection with music and its history and culture. Tons of craftsmen and artists display their work for you to buy while food vendors line up to sell food. So many famous artists have performed at the festival including Lupe Fiasco and Aretha Franklin. This year, expect to see Robin Thicke, Santana, and Phish among many more.

4. Koningsdag – April 26: 

This is one of the most popular national holidays in the Netherlands. King’s Day marks the birthday of King Willem-Alexander. The Dutch celebrate by dressing in the national color, orange, putting on parades, and selling items at flea markets.

5. Walpurgisnacht: April 30: 

Witches’ Night is celebrated all across central and northern Europe, but it’s especially loved in Germany. On April 30th, witches will celebrate the arrival of spring with bonfires, music, and dancing on Brocken Mountain. The holiday can be compared to Halloween because it focuses on supernatural elements and mischief.