Where to Eat in Las Vegas

When most people think of Las Vegas, they think of parties, gambling, and lots of craziness and fun. But did you know that Vegas actually has a growing number of awesome restaurants? You can take a taxi ride down the Strip and find amazing restaurants–from an authentic Neapolitan pizzeria to exceptional Thai kitchens! Read on for my picks on where to eat in Las Vegas.

1. Bartolotta: 

Known for its impeccably fresh fish which is flown in every other day from Italy, this restaurant can be pricey, but definitely worth it. You can choose any fish to be grilled or roasted. Starters include marinated anchovies; baby clams sautéed with white wine, tomato, and garlic.

2. Settebello Pizzeria:

This Neapolitan pizza parlor in Green Valley cooks your pizza with a 950-degree wood-fired oven. They use Molina Caputo flour for a chewy, delicious crust. This pizzeria is a must if you’re going to Vegas!

3. Eat: 

Located away from the strip on the downtown side of Vegas, this modern, soul food-inspired restaurant has a friendly atmosphere. Chef Natalie Young works hard to cook delicious meals for her loved ones and customers. Anyone looking to get away from the bright lights and expensive bills should definitely make a stop to Eat.

4. Holsteins: 

Located at the Cosmopolitan, come to Holsteins for wholesome burgers, tasty milkshakes, and fresh french fries! Holsteins is located right near Marquee, the highest rated nightclub in the United States and the hottest place to party in Vegas.

5. Lakeside Seafood: 

Famous for its proximity to The Wynn’s Lake of Dreams multimedia tech show, Lakeside Seafood is definitely also known for its lobster and oyster dishes in Vegas. Visually, this restaurant is just as stunning as its food.